The innovative S60 -E Star Screen is the ultimate machine for 3-fraction screening. Applications include biomass, bark, scrap wood, compost and wood chips. The large hopper’s sloped feed walls prevent material from rolling back via the loading process. The feed stock is conveyed to a large dosing feed roll which separates the material before being fed into the top cartridge of stars. The material is separated and classified through each deck and is conveyed out into 3-piles. The star screen’s cartridge-style decks are comprised of a bed of urethane and wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel stars. The wide, one-piece discharge conveyors are ideally arranged in opposite positions, allowing movement of the machine into its working position and easy clean up from under the conveyors. Access to the machine is excellent through the large maintenance doors on both sides of the machine. The S6-E’s entirely electrical drive (with the option of a diesel generator) is very economical, with impressive throughput rates of up to 400 cubic yard per hour.
Operations that require a small footprint will be impressed with the T30’s screening ability, while the fuel sipping engine provides excellent performance with very low operating costs. The T30 is equipped with a 33 hp, diesel Perkins engine which is designed for very low fuel consumption—averaging 1 gallon of fuel per hour. With it’s large infeed hopper, the T30 has screening capabilities of up to 75 cubic yards per hour.
Terra Select’s T60 trommel screen is ideal for larger operations that need more throughput, but still need an easily transportable machine. With a drum length of 18′ 1″ and a diameter of 7′ 3″, the T60 has impressive screening capabilities of up to 262 cubic yards per hour!The 100 hp Perkins engine is extremely fuel efficient due to its low engine operating speed, but still has enough power to feed optional star screen or air separator attachments.The large feed hopper makes loading the machine easy, and the feed conveyor keeps a constant stream of material fed into the trommel section of the screen.
The T70 trommel screen is Terra Select’s largest mobile and highest output trommel screen. With capability to screen over 320 cubic yards per hour, the T70 is designed for operations needing the highest output of precisely classified material as possible. The 24′ 7″ long x 7′ 3″ diameter drum has an efficient screening area of 495 square feet. This generous drum handles traditionally difficult material, such as wet compost, with ease. Of course, the T70 is not limited to compost, it easily screens topsoil, waste, C&D, wood chips, and many other materials. The T70’s innovative design has many features unique to Terra Select; such as the positive fitting drive for the infeed conveyor belt, which stops and starts automatically depending on the amount of material in the drum, preventing an overloaded drum. All Terra Select machines are solid, long lasting, and are maintenance friendly. Drum changes are easily accomplished without the need for special tools or equipment. The T70’s 100 hp Perkins diesel engine is fuel efficient, providing a reliable, and economical power plant for the machine.
The SM 514 trommel screen is the most powerful entry level trommel in the industry. With a throughput that can outpace much larger (and more fuel hungry) competitive machines, the overall performance of the SM 514 is unprecedented. Loaded with all the same innovative features as the entire SM series trommel line from Doppstadt, the SM 514 saves time, money and space without sacrificing output.
For lower-volume operations that still need to accommodate higher volumes on occasion, the SM 617 provides a step up in performance without having to invest in a significantly larger trommel. Available in both wheeled and tracked configurations (as are all SM series models), the extra horsepower and screen size of the SM 617 is there when you need it without sacrificing efficiency and footprint. Screen more in less space with the SM 617.
The workhorse of the SM series trommels, the SM 720 provides the perfect balance of power and performance across a broad array of material applications. For operations that require high-volume screening, the SM 720 is designed to meet those peaks in demand without the need for a larger trommel. No other trommel in the industry offers the same efficiency and throughput. The new SM 720SA comes with a larger hopper and longer conveyors, increasing the throughput and stockpile capacity.
The largest trommel in the SM series collection, the SM 726 delivers the most efficient, high-volume output of any trommel screen on the market. This is the perfect machine for operations that screen in excess of 1,000 yards of materials daily, as it can be effectively employed across a very wide range of applications and materials. Available in wheeled and tracked chassis configurations, the flexibility of the SM 726 trommel screen makes it a top performer for both organic and inorganic material sizing.
The Doppstadt electric trommel screens are built to screen the most difficult of materials. Its helical-guide drum is a well-proven drum design with replaceable screening drums that can easily adjust to different screening tasks. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by four direct wheel drives with compact geared AC motors.