Cat D6 Dozers

Cat D6 Dozers

Move more material in less time using medium-sized Cat bulldozers from the D6 series. You already trust Caterpillar to bring you heavy equipment dozers that offer high fuel efficiency, simplified maintenance, enhanced productivity, and renowned durability for whatever project you need to tackle. Cat features such as GRADE technology enable your operators to finish each job to your exacting standards faster.


Your Guide to the Cat D6 Line of Dozers

The Cat D6 line of dozers includes medium-sized models that offer versatility for many tasks. Find out what makes each model distinctive from others in this class and what jobs each handles best. If you need information on choosing your next Caterpillar D6 dozer, start here for model features and specs to make your decision an informed one.

Cat D6T Track-Type Tractors

The D6T track-type tractor takes handling heavy equipment to the next level. This model makes handling more effortless than ever. If your operator can drive a truck, he or she can operate a D6T tractor.

1. Best Uses

For medium-duty jobs that do not require specialized training for operators to handle a manual transmission on a dozer, you can use the D6T automatic transmission tractor. If you have a job that requires incremental speed changes, this tractor offers thumb roller control over the speed in increments from one-tenth of a gear to half a gear. If you want efficiency and ease of operation for moving medium loads, the D6T track-type tractors are ideal options for your jobsite.

The track on this model makes maneuvering over soft or uneven ground easier, a benefit when grading. For even more moving ability over rough terrain, select LGP undercarriage for the D6T to reduce the tractor's impact on the ground. Moving over unstable land is only one ability of Caterpillar's D6 models, including this track-type dozer. Specific uses for this model depend on the undercarriage and blade options you select.

You have three tractor options and various blade choices. Low ground pressure (LGP) dozers come with angle or straight blades. These machines reduce the force exerted on the ground, making them ideal for soft, grassy, or muddy areas. If you choose extra-large (XL) dozers, you can select from angle, semi-U, and variable pitch angle tilt (VPAT) blades. Extra-wide (XW) machines also have the same three style options of XL blades. Additionally, LGP, XL, and XW all can have VPAT blades.

2. What Makes These Tractors Different

Compared to older models, the D6T tractor increases productivity by 2.5%. Its fully automatic transmission allows for more efficient gear shifting, which saves fuel. Operators have attained fuel reductions of 20% with heavy work and up to 30% with light-duty jobs. Through using less fuel and producing fewer emissions, this model reduces carbon dioxide by 17.7 tons annually per tractor.

The automatic transmission operates to choose the best gear for the speed of the tractor. Whether speeding up or slowing down, the transmission will select the ideal RPMs for the engine by automatically changing gears. Now, operators don't need to know how to drive a stick-shift tractor to use the D6T.

3. Cat Dozer Specs

The specs for the D6T track-type tractor showcase its strength and smaller size compared to large dozers. Many of these details depend on the configuration you choose—LGP, XL, or XW—and the blade you select for the job.

  • Horsepower: 215 up to 245 HP maximum
  • Lowest Cat D6 Dozer Weight: 47,138 pounds for XL machine with SU blade
  • Highest Weight: 54,045 pounds for XW configuration with VPAT blade
  • Engine Displacement: 567 cubic inches
  • Smallest Blade Width: 10.7 feet for XL SU
  • Widest Blade: 16.6 feet for LGP A-blade

D6K2 Track-Type Tractor

Compared to other Caterpillar D6 dozers, the D6K2 track-type tractor is smaller, but it still works just as hard as others in this category. Applications for this dozer vary from fine grading to forestry, made possible by undercarriage and blade options that include both LGP and XL.

1. On the Jobsite


The smaller size of this model makes it ideal for finish grading on a jobsite, but this is not the only thing you can do with the D6K2 tractor. Multiple undercarriage options make the D6K2 tractor useful for more than just fine grading.

For land clearing or working in rocky terrain, select the heavy-duty option. If you will use the tractor for low to moderate impact operations, select the SystemOne undercarriage. Caterpillar designed this vehicle arrangement to maximize the life of the tractor and reduce costs. For a complete package, you have the option of choosing a forestry arrangement, which includes a winch, specialized blade, and additional guarding on all sides of the cab.

2. Cat Dozer Features

As useful as the D6K2 dozer is, it also boasts impressive fuel efficiency. With Eco mode, the unit operates more efficiently, saving up to 17% on fuel use as compared to older models. By using less fuel, you'll save money on fleet operating costs.

Its smaller size makes handling and steering more responsive. An operator controls the tractor with a single joystick that includes a speed and traction control thumb wheel on top. Integrated traction control in the tractor's design makes this model handle better even in slippery conditions, perfect for finishing work.

Choose from VPAT or foldable VPAT blades for either undercarriage package. The foldable VPAT blades allow your dozer to maneuver through narrower places, but they have the same capacity as the non-folding VPAT model.

Like other D6 Cat dozers, this model includes Cat GRADE with Slope Assist. This software makes grading land faster and easier by accomplishing the project in fewer passes. It automatically adjusts the VPAT blade to the proper angle, without the need to connect to GPS so that you can use it in far-flung areas.

3. Specs for D6K2 Track-Type Tractors

The D6K2 track-type tractor specs depend on whether you select LGP or heavy-duty options. Regardless of the configuration you choose, the engine's horsepower and displacement will remain the same. The variations in the undercarriage and blade options do not affect the engine's performance due to the slight variations in total weight and blade width.

  • Horsepower: 130 HP
  • Lowest Weight: 29,258 pounds for heavy-duty configuration and VPAT blade
  • Highest Weight: 30,664 pounds for LGP undercarriage
  • Engine Displacement: 268.5 cubic inches
  • Smallest Blade Width: 10.5 feet for VPAT blade with heavy-duty configuration
  • Widest Blade Width: 12 feet for LGP configuration and VPAT blade

D6T WH Waste Handling Tractor


Waste handling requires dozers that will put out extra force without falling prey to debris during their work. The D6T WH features means of keeping waste out of the inner workings of the tractor. With the D6T WH waste handler, you get a powerful compactor for landfill work without having to upgrade to a larger model that may be too big for your application.

1. Applications

Similar to the D6T track-type tractor, the waste handling model also offers up to 245 HP, but the D6T WH is built to move the waste in landfills while protecting its inner workings from debris. The extra horsepower makes this possible. Built-in features enable safe operation in landfills without having paper, plastic, or other trash block airflow to and from the engine. These additions prevent delays caused by debris in the engine.

To increase the effectiveness of this tractor in landfills, opt for landfill blades made specifically for moving heavy waste. The protective bars on top of these blades keep trash from flowing over the top and into the engine air intake, where it could compromise productivity.

2. Unique Options

Compared to other dozers in the D6 series, the D6T WH offers more horsepower for added ability to move heavy waste materials. In addition to its extra power and durable design, this Cat waste handler has extra features that protect the engine from overheating caused by wayward waste.

These additions include extra seals to keep the transmission and engine safe from waste. Additionally, swing-out access for cleaning out the cooling system and an automatic fan reversal make keeping debris out of the radiator easier, a requirement when moving waste that could fall into the mechanism.

The lights for this tractor have a position high enough that debris doesn't block their light beams. With lighting installed higher on the tractor, you can still work in low-light conditions, even in areas surrounded by high piles of landfill waste without compromising your view.

As with the track-type tractor D6T model, this waste handler also includes an automatic transmission to make controlling the dozer as simple and efficient as possible. Fuel efficiency measures 20% to 30% better than older models of Cat tractors.

3. Cat Dozer Specs

The specs for this model show its enhanced power compared to the other medium tractor models. Its more substantial size and higher horsepower make this a model perfect for heavy-duty applications, such as waste handling.

  • Horsepower: 245 HP
  • Lowest Weight: 51,652 pounds for extra-large undercarriage with SU blade
  • Highest Weight: 59,204 pounds with LGP configuration and VPAT blade
  • Engine Displacement: 567.5 cubic inches
  • Smallest Blade Width: 10.7 feet for XL configuration with SU landfill blade
  • Widest Blade: 13.3 feet for S landfill blade on LGP undercarriage

D6N Track-Type Tractors


The best of Caterpillar technology and power combine in the Cat D6N dozer. This model is made to maximize productivity while making the job easier than ever for the operator.

1. Where to Use These Tractors

These versatile tractors have multiple applications. You can choose optional additions to outfit this model into a Cat waste handling dozer. Another option includes selecting forestry attachments for use in forest management.

Undercarriage options give you ways to customize the dozer to your jobsite. If you have heavy-duty requirements for your tractor, such as working in rocky terrain or on side slopes, the heavy-duty undercarriage will suffice. For more efficient operation in medium-duty tasks such as finish grading, choose the Cat SystemOne configuration.

The blades serve as the tools you need for specific jobs. For heavy-duty moving applications, straight and semi-universal blades have the strength to stand up to the rigors of the job. For versatility, choose the VPAT blade, which is wider than other options for the D6N. The VPAT blade allows you to use your D6N dozer for finish grading, V-ditching, spreading material, backfilling, and side casting. To make your tractor easier to get into narrow spaces while still using the wider VPAT blade, choose the VPAT foldable option.

2. What Makes These Tractors Different

The D6N includes highly mobile differential steering that sends full power to both tracks, regardless of load. With this mechanism, you get the best turning radii among medium tractors. Additionally, you can finish jobs faster with improved operations on the soft ground through better control over speed, power, and load capacity.

Both the lock-up clutch and auto shift features improve operations by making the tractor more efficient. The new transmission system combines the best of power shifting ease with direct drive performance. Efficiency increases with a standard enhanced auto shift function. You can change this function to select from three speeds, six speeds, or fine adjustments to make shifting functional for your job.

The load will affect your tractor's hydraulics performance, but you don't need to make manual adjustments. With load-sensing hydraulics, the power going to the blade maximizes the tractor's efficiency without wasting power.

Safety features integrated into this dozer model keep everyone on the jobsite safer. An operator presence detector will not allow the implements or the powertrain to move unless the operator sits down. The engine will still idle if the operator leaves the seat, but the dozer will not accidentally move on its own.

3. Cat D6 Dozer Specs

When comparing Cat dozer products and other models or brands, don't forget the technological innovations that make the D6N dozer stand out.

  • Horsepower: 182 HP
  • Lowest Weight: 36,943 pounds for extra-large undercarriage
  • Highest Weight: 40,446 pounds with LGP undercarriage
  • Engine Displacement: 433 cubic inches
  • Smallest Blade Width: 10.33 feet with extra-large configuration and SU blade
  • Widest Blade: 13.42 feet for VPAT or VPAT foldable blade and LGP undercarriage

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