Enjoy these resources prepared for our customers, and all those in Alabama and Florida with an interest or a stake in Heavy Equipment maintenance, use, safety, and promotions.  Check back for updates on equipment, promotional financing, and recommendations to help you get more from your heavy equipment. 

Special Offers

Ready to take down your costs — and the competition? You can do both when you take advantage of special offers on Cat Machines.

How to Safely Load and Transport Heavy Equipment

The safe and legal transportation of heavy cargo and construction equipment is no easy task. When handling some of the most massive pieces of machinery ever built by humankind, a set loading, transportation, and unloading protocol is not only a best practice — it's the only practice. We recommend using these guidelines for safely hauling construction equipment.

Choosing the Right Skid Steer for Your Application

The skid steer loader is one of the most popular and multi-faceted pieces of machinery on the market — which, inevitably, means it's also one of the most difficult to select.  Let's cut through through the noise to help you choose the best skid steer for your applications.

Improve Efficiency at Your Construction Site

Pre-construction planning, site management, employee productivity, safety, and risk mitigation: These are the things that make or break construction site efficiency — and keep supervisors up at night.  We can help you make construction site efficiency a competitive advantage for your operation.

10 Steps to Severe Weather Preparation

If you live in Alabama, you're no stranger to severe weather.  As residents of Tornado Alley, we need to be prepared for extreme weather.  We've prepared a clear ten step process to preparing for extreme weather events.

Strategic Construction Fleet Management

Keeping track of your equipment's locations, maintenance, costs, and other factors is key to making sure you avoid waste and ensure efficiency. This practice of monitoring your fleet to utilize your equipment effectively is called fleet management.

Top Construction Careers in Alabama

We are seeing enormous opportunities in the construction industry in Alabama, alongside some stiff challenges. More work is being requested than ever before (at least in certain markets) while certain costs are also rising. The opportunity for driven firms has never been greater.

Weiler Partnership Announcement

Thompson Tractor Co., Inc is excited to partner with Weiler on Purpose-Built Forestry Products.

Value of Water Campaign

This past year Thompson Tractor Company celebrated 60 years of business. As part of this celebration, we took the opportunity to raise awareness of the global impact of the value of water. We decided to join forces with the Caterpillar Foundation and their campaign Value of Water.

Tailgate Schedule

Please plan to join the Thompson Tractor tailgates prior to select Alabama and Auburn home games this season.

Drone Technology

In 2018, a new technology has begun disrupting standards of operations and making construction more efficient and sustainable. Industry leaders are implementing new technology such as aerial drones in construction to reduce costs, improve efficiency, maximize profit while decreasing waste from each project.

Diesel Engine Maintenance

We've got your complete guide to modern diesel engine maintenance tips. From routine care and protecting parts to winterizing your diesel engine and avoiding engine failure, the most common diesel engine questions and concerns are all in one spot, ensuring the longest possible partnership between man and machine.