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Rent Small Dozers for Construction

Are you looking for a compact yet powerful pushing machine to fill a temporary need? The Thompson Cat®Rental Store offers a full line of small dozers for rent in Alabama and southwest Florida. You'll get a top-quality, late-model machine at a competitive daily, weekly or monthly rate that will allow you to keep your projects moving forward.




We Feature Cat Small Dozers for Rent

As the region's authorized Cat dealer since 1957, we carry a wide assortment of small dozers from Caterpillar®, the worldwide heavy equipment leader. Caterpillar has been a bulldozer pioneer since 1925. The latest models consist of advanced technologies such as traction control, blade stability, and slope assist, all of which enhance job site productivity and precision. They're also fuel-efficient, which will reduce your operating costs.

Our inventory of small dozers for rent includes models in a variety of operating rates and net power capacities. You'll find the ideal machine for navigating soft sand, medium clay, or hard and rocky material.

Typical small bulldozer applications include spreading material, finish grading, backfilling trenches, and land clearing. Work tool attachments such as blades and winches are available that allow you to further increase the dozer's versatility and functionality.

Why Consider Small Construction Dozer Rentals?

These days, construction companies that run a "lean and mean" operation gain a competitive advantage. Renting equipment contributes to this effort in several ways.

When you rent, you're only paying for a machine on an as-needed basis, which means you won't incur additional storage costs. You can also bolster your fleet quickly to meet a sudden increase in demand. Other benefits of renting include:

  • Getting a fast replacement for a dozer that's in the shop for repairs
  • Saving money on expenses such as maintenance, repairs and insurance
  • Eliminating concerns about equipment obsolescence
  • Avoiding missed business opportunities resulting from not having access to the right machine
  • Freeing up additional capital to devote to other areas of your operation
  • Avoiding the need to make a long-term financial commitment
  • Trying out a small dozer you're thinking of buying, without risk
  • Maintaining stronger borrowing power for your business

Why Choose Us for Your Equipment Rental Needs?

The Thompson Cat Rental Store offers one of the largest rental equipment fleets in Alabama and northwest Florida, making it easy to find the right dozer for your needs. You'll work with experienced rental specialists who will help you make the ideal match between machine and application.

We offer on-site delivery, which saves time and eliminates the hassle of traveling to pick up your rental. Prompt on-site maintenance and repair services are also available to minimize unproductive downtime.

View Our Selection of Small Dozers for Rent in Florida and Alabama

Does renting a reliable, hardworking small dozer makes sense for your business? Take the next step right now by reviewing our current inventory of small dozers for rent. Feel free to call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT for additional product and pricing information. Browse our brochure to see more of our equipment offerings.

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