Road Reclaimers

Much of road construction work relies on the specific functions of a road reclaimer. This powerful machine can pulverize an existing layer of asphalt and mix it with additional materials, such as cement, water, or binding agents, to create a stronger surface. Typically, road reclaimers are used on deteriorating roads to bring them back up to par or improve them for a much lower cost and more economic approach than that of all-new asphalt. 

For road reclaimers that meet high standards of build quality, safety, and efficiency, Caterpillar® has answered the call. At Thompson Tractor, we sell new Cat® road reclaimers and have Cat rotary mixers for sale as well.

New Cat Road Reclaimers

Cat road reclaimers have several different abilities rolled into one machine, making them versatile and wide-reaching. They contain the right equipment for tasks like pulverizing, mixing, and soil stabilization.

You can find Cat road reclaimers used in:

  • Surface mining.
  • Bio-remediation.
  • Agriculture.
  • Haul roads.

To support these varying applications, we carry several different types of rotors and cutting bits, each designed for different materials. Rotor options include a Combination Rotor, Soil Rotor, and Spade Rotor.

In addition to these rotor options, there are many optional pieces of equipment you can add to your new Cat road reclaimer, depending on the model. These include:

  • A torque limiter: This tool can minimize damage to the engine by limiting torque when the machine hits an immovable object.
  • Water and emulsion spray systems: Whether you need water, emulsion, or both, Cat offers these systems on certain models.
  • Roading lights: If you need on-highway transportation, this kit can add lights, lamps and signage to increase visibility and meet requirements.
  • Product Link™: With wireless tech, you can share machine data via cellular and satellite communications for easy monitoring and analysis.

Models of Road Reclaimers for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, our inventory includes both road reclaimers and rotary mixers. Our selection of new Cat road reclaimers includes the following models:

  • RM300: The RM300 combines exceptional performance with operator safety, comfort, and visibility. Plenty of optional features allow you to make the equipment your own. The robust Cat C11 ACERT™ engine gives up to 350 horsepower (hp) and, depending on the rotor selected, can achieve a maximum cutting depth of 20 inches.
  • RM500: This road reclaimer offers similar safety and visibility features to the RM300, but has a bit more power to it, thanks to the powerful 540-hp Cat C15 ACERT engine.
  • RM500B: The RM500B Rotary Mixer is built for performance. With features like controlled all-wheel drive and a reliable rotor drive system, operators can handle the machine with ease. The 546-hp Cat C15 engine provides power for even the toughest of surfaces. 

Buy Cat Road Reclaimers With Thompson Tractor

Here at Thompson Tractor, we build relationships by providing plenty of product support, including financing, service, and rentals. Our experts are always ready to help out. Browse our new Cat road reclaimers and reach out to us online or at 800-547-0760 if you have any questions.