Miscellaneous Recycling, Chipping, and Grinding Equipment

The Doppstadt DM 215 batch mixer employs an innovative mixing chamber with three horizontally rotating screws, each of which contains exchangeable mixing blades for additional agitation. With robust chain drive and rotary current motor, power transfer is uninterrupted, even with the most challenging materials. Match the mixing blades to your specific application to achieve the highest rate of productivity and throughput. Built with the innovation and engineering expected from all Doppstadt products, the DM 215 batch mixer upgrades the performance of any material production facility.
The BioPress DBP 205 screw extruder separates the liquid and the solid fractions of bio-degradable waste. The screw is driven by a hydromotor with planetary gear. The rotating cone presses the material with a pre-set pressure through the screening baskets, which are available with different mesh sizes. The liquid fractions can be used for biogas production and the solid fractions for thermal utilization or for composting.The BioPress DSP 205 is the same unit, but is a static piece of equipment for stationary applications.
The versitile Doppstadt windrow turners are equipped for windrows of different sizes and heights. The high throughput, short setup times, and flexible use on site are key advantages.
Doppstadt combines two state-of-the art recycling solutions. The tracked vehicle is equipped with a heavy-duty crawler track chassis, which can move it to almost all places of operation. As soon as it is installed, the wind sifter is convincing due to its extremely high separating performance: the Taifun separates the input material into up to four fractions, for example compost is divided into wood, grass, herb and soil.