New & Used Cat Shredding Equipment for Sale

We have the right solution for you for volume reduction and reducing the material size. Our shredders intensively deal with waste material and wood shredding (or mixture of materials) ensuring that any corresponding stockpiles are significantly reduced in volume.

The DW 2060 uses the same technology as the larger machines of the C and D series. Therefore expect the proven combination of a 2 m wide roller and a hydropneumatic counter comb as well as the 100% mechanical drive giving the DOPPSTADT shredding machines a competitive edge in terms of performance and efficiency. All of this makes the DW 2060 a powerful entry-level solution. The machine sets new standards for versatility and affordability. The DW 2060 is suited for all grinding tasks involving waste and feels all the more comfortable when shredding wood. The combination of robust hook lift, long rear belt and hydraulic movable chassis ensures compact diemansions and maximum mobility. The DW junior is particularly attractive for conatiner services, because the machine can be set up on any verhicle and operates with maximum maneuverability in any surroundings. Low costs, economical operation, first class performance: the DW 2060 has is all!
The DW 3060 is designed to handle even the toughest material, from MSW to C&D debris, without skipping a beat. The fuel-efficient, 430hp diesel engine burns less than 10 gallons per hour, while processing hundreds of yards of contaminant-laden infeed. Have confidence knowing that your operation can maintain high volume material reduction without concern for downtime due to unshreddable debris.
The most powerful DW series shredder, the DW 3080K is designed to crush through hundreds of yards of the most challenging material nonstop, day after day. Standard equipped on a tracked chassis, the DW 3080K can handle any environment and application, regardless of weather or terrain. Perfect for landfill mining, demolition debris and railroad ties, no other shredder offers the same balance of power and efficiency.
Get the power of a slow-speed shredder and the precision of a high-speed grinder on a single chassis. In a single pass, the DZ 750 Kombi can easily power through heavily contaminated source material and churn out hundreds of yards of high-quality finished product. Engineered with the same innovative benefits of the DW and AK series machines, no other product on the market can match the versatility, reliability and flexibility of the DZ 750.
The multifunctional Doppstadt shredder produces a homogeneous material flow and can deal with contamination easily while ensuring a uniform material. The efficient mechanic power transmission is carried out by a combined V-belt direct drive with spur gear. Furthermore, highest flexibility for a quick and universal application is guaranteed. The Doppstadt shredder uses a single shaft shredder suitable for shredding various types of material large and small. The machine can be installed on four legs or directly on bunker walls.