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You've crushed your work site and now you have piles of debris everywhere. The next step in your construction agenda is to filter through all of the leftovers, whether it's to recycle product, sell for profit or make your site more manageable.

Thompson Tractor knows what it takes to make the most of every job site, while maintaining efficiency and profitability on every project.  We’ve been helping contractors like you succeed in business in Alabama for more than 60 years, and we appreciate the opportunity to help you meet your goals.





Using Your Compact Screening Plant to Separate Materials

When you use a track screening plant, filtering your land's materials becomes easy and immediate. The screening equipment we have for sale can separate sand and the multiple volumes of granite and rock. Hydraulic lifts are used for angled tracks, allowing the bigger pieces of material to be discarded while everything else can be filtered into various sizes.

IROCK's TS-522 has chutes that can offer up to three different sorting routes. The Spyder line — available through Screen Machine Industries — offers the same multiple-chute system. The more separation available on your machine, the more recycled materials you can produce, which can earn you more money if you decide to sell your materials.

Another great feature from these Spyder screening plants is the ability to operate them remotely. There is less danger involved when you don't need to be next to the machine, operating it instead from a panel. It also improves on the technology of the screener: top-of-the-line engines, a durable structure and long-lasting functionality.

Spyder track screening plants are portable machines, allowing for mobility around your construction site.


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How Mobile Screening Scalpers Can Help in Your One-Off Job Sites

Working with a smaller construction area does not mean you have to sacrifice durability and efficiency — but it may lead you to consider smaller options. Screening scalpers are a sub-division of track screeners. They separate crushed materials into looser categories: fine and rocky.

A great example of this category of scalper is the Screen Machine Industries' Scalper 77C Portable Screening Plant. The machine is not massive, so its operations are easier to manage. Chunks of granite get ground down into soil-like materials or else they skip over the belt into a rock-filled pile.

Likewise, the TS-409 is the smallest scalping equipment IROCK produces and sells. It is perfect for construction sites that have a low amount of material to separate or a limited amount of space to cover.




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