Cat® Draglines for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, our draglines from Caterpillar® deliver the lowest material cost per tonne in the industry. Cat draglines have a legendary reputation on the market because of their long history and worldwide presence. Amplify your surface mining operations with one of these dependable excavating tools.

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Small, Medium and Large Cat Draglines

Our selection of Cat draglines for sale includes models such as:

  • 8000: This small Cat dragline provides dependable excavation engineering in a compact package. It delivers a range of bucket, boom, and weight specifications that you can determine according to your needs.
  • 8200: Caterpillar developed the 8200 as a mid-sized version of the flagship 8750. It has a lower initial capital investment than larger draglines and a long operating life to maximize your return on investment.
  • 8750: The 8750 leads the dragline product line in productivity and size. It was the first dragline to receive the AC IGBT drive system and remains one of the largest draglines available today.

Work With Our Application Engineers to Find the Best Fit

As part of the Cat network, we can connect you with application engineers to find the best model for your job site and application. Our dragline recommendation process involves the following steps:

  • Gather information: First, our engineers collect information on your mine design criteria and select a few possible models.
  • Evaluate job site conditions: Then, they analyze your mine conditions in relation to their selection of potential draglines.
  • Determine size: Based on your mine's dimensions, our experts develop cut diagrams to refine your dragline size requirements.
  • Estimate production: Using the data collected, our engineers determine the cycle time and production estimates for each section of your dig plan.
  • Select model: Engineers cycle through this process as needed until they find a model and specifications that meet your production expectations.

dragline working on snow covered landscapeMineStar™ and AccessDirect Technology

Discover how the Cat MineStar system and dragline technologies like AccessDirect will enhance your profitability, productivity, and safety:

  • MineStar: The most recent version of MineStar features two capability sets — Health and Terrain. While Health will monitor the condition of your fleet, Terrain will improve your operational precision.
  • AccessDirect: With AccessDirect, you can collaborate more closely with your service team. AccessDirect sends real-time dragline data to factory experts to reduce your mean time to repair.

Operator Training Solutions

To help you get the most out of your dragline investment, we can work with Caterpillar to arrange operator training for your team. This dragline training consists of two elements:

  • Customized training: To develop a strong internal training foundation for your company, we'll provide on-site or classroom training to your operators and supervisors. Each module targets specific production areas based on your operational goals.
  • Computer-based training (CBT): We can give your team 24/7 access to our CBT modules that feature highly visual and interactive content. Topics include safety, operation, maintenance, and repair.

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