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Electric rope shovels are heavy-duty machines used in the mining industry to excavate, haul, and transport large amounts of ore, copper, coal, rocks, overburden, and other bulky material at mining sites. Each rope shovel consists of five key parts that work together to create a heavy-duty lifting and digging machine:

  • The deck: The revolving deck houses the power supply that moves the ropes and winches. Sit comfortably while driving and controlling the machine from the safety of the operator's station.
  • The ropes: Durable steel ropes work together with winches to hoist, lift, and move heavy and cumbersome loads. For extreme loads, you can choose high-impact cables for maximum performance.
  • The front attachment: The front attachment is either a boom or crane with a dipper attached to the end. The attachment also acts as a counterweight to the rest of the machine, ensuring smooth and stable operation.
  • The dipper: Depending on your job site, the end of a machine's front attachment can be a dipper, bucket, or digger. They are available in a range of sizes and load capacities to handle all mining materials.
  • The base: The base of each electric rope shovel is either tracked or wheeled. Tracked machines offer optimal traction and minimal terrain disturbance, while wheeled machines are faster and typically take up less space.

From the operator's station inside the machine deck, you power the rope shovel. You also control the rope system and front attachment to scoop or dig material from the ground, and then unload it where you need it.

electric rope shovel moving dirt materialElectric Rope Shovels for Sale

Before you buy an electric rope shovel for your mining site, you must also consider the type of dipper you need, as well as its payload and capacity:

  • Type of dipper: You can use the dipper at the end of the front attachment to either dig, scoop, or haul materials.
  • Dipper payload: Dipper payload refers to how many tons of weight the electric rope shovel can safely handle in the dipper at once.
  • Dipper capacity: Capacity is the amount of available dipper space. Caterpillar® measures this volume in cubic meters or cubic yards.

Other specifications to keep in mind include power requirements, maximum cutting height and radius, dumping height, optimal working ranges, and the machine's working weight. Many machines, including new Cat® electric rope shovels, also include safety and productivity features, like state-of-the-art operator's stations with comfortable seating, an unimpeded line of vision, overhead monitors, and touchscreen controls.

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Thompson Tractor Company is a full-line Caterpillar dealer, specializing in sales and service across various industries in Alabama and northwest Florida. Every Cat electric rope shovel for sale is backed by the industry-leading quality Caterpillar is known for. Each electric rope shovel is designed to withstand tough, heavy loads at your mining site, and you can choose the best dipper payload and capacity for your job. Shop our inventory of new electric rope shovels to find what you need and request a quote today.

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