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C9.3 Commercial Propulsion Engine

C9.3 Commercial Propulsion Engine

C9.3 Commercial Propulsion Engine

The C9.3 ACERT propulsion engine has a B rating of 375 bhp (280 bkW) at 1800 rpm, a C rating of 416 bhp (310 bkW) at 2100 rpm, and a D rating of 476 bhp (355 bkW) at 2300 rpm. The C9.3 propulsion, auxiliary, and generator set engines have a common rail fuel system for optimal combustion and lower emissions. Cooling system options for the propulsion and auxiliary engines include heat exchanger with sea water aftercooling, and keel with combined circuit or separate circuit aftercooling. The genset packages are available with heat exchanger, keel, or radiator cooling. These products are EPA Tier 3 and IMO II certified. In addition the propulsionengine ratings are EU Stage IIIA certified and auxiliary and gen sets are also CCNR Stage II certified.

Power Rating
Power Range
375-476 bhp (280-355 bkW)
Engine Specifications
Speed Range
1800, 2100, 2300 rpm
Rated Engine Speed
1800, 2100, 2300 rpm
IMO II, U.S. EPA Tier 3, China Stage II
In-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Refill Capacity
Lube Oil System w/oil filter change: 24.5 L (6.5 gal)
Oil Change Interval
500 hrs
Flywheel Housing
SAE No. 1 (113 teeth)
Rotation from Flywheel End
Heat exchanger and separate or combined keel cooled options
Dimensions & Weights
Length - Engine
Engine Dry Weight - Approximate
945-1122 kg (2083-2474 lbs)
Width - Engine

Standard Equipment:

Standard Equipment
  • Water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold
  • Electronic control system
  • Thermostats and housing
  • Gear-driven Sea water pump (self-priming)
  • Common rail fuel system
  • Shell and tube jacket water heat exchanger
  • Corrosion-resistant Sea water aftercooler
  • Engine oil cooler
  • Vibration damper and guard
  • Primary fuel filters

Optional Equipment:

Optional Attachments
  • Alternators - 24V 70 or 105 amp, 12V 110 amp
  • Closed crankcase ventilation
  • Transmission gear oil cooler (engine mounted for HEX)
  • Additional engine and transmission sensor packages
  • Instrument panels
  • Electric starting motors - 12V or 24V
  • Air starting motor
  • Dual electric starting motors or combined electric/air
  • Electric fuel priming pump
  • Fuel cooler
  • PTO Drives - V-belt pulley stack, stub shaft
  • Duplex fuel and oil filters
  • Double wall fuel rail

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