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With a Astec Blower Truck, you can tackle a wider range of assignments. Our high capacity delivery system handles larger erosion control and commercial landscape projects. Reduced set-up and clean-up time produces a faster turn around, resulting in more deliveries and more cubic yards each day. Extra daily loads make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Bridging that occurs with a V-shaped hopper is eliminated. Our system does not leak like a conveyor, reducing clean-up time after completing installation of materials.

The large footprint feeder, combined with the high-capacity tri-lobe blower, provides increased airflow for farther and faster delivery. Larger diameter hoses provide added protection against clogging. These features enable you to be more productive and deliver a wider range of materials each day.

The side-opening end gate on Astec Blower Trucks provides safe and easy access to the feed system. An optional grass seeder /fertilizer system for erosion control projects extends your service offerings.

The rear-mounted hose storage reel eases hose loading, saving time and energy. The power reel option makes handling the hose easy.

Blower Trailers

The BTR series features the same high capacity delivery system as our popular blower trucks, but with more advantages from a self-contained power unit. Now you can gain more available system power through a directly linked engine and blower and cut operational costs over a dedicated truck by moving the BTR with a tractor.

The feed system is designed to yield several advantages:

  • Our front-of-hopper feed loading system has both top and rear door access, eliminating the need for a larger, more expensive loader. In addition, the unit can operate while simultaneously being loaded, or even when the trailer is being moved
  • A high-capacity tri-lobe blower provides increased airflow and production, and larger diameter hoses provide added protection against clogging, enabling you to deliver a wider range of materials each day
  • The BTR provides easy change-over for either left or right side material discharge—a crucial function on many jobs, such as for roadway improvements.

These benefits plus the BTR’s lightweight aluminum construction, which yields increased payload capacity, make the BTR a smart investment for your landscape business.

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