Cat Equipment Management Services Level 2: Advise


We all get used to working a certain way. Call it habit, call it comfort — it is often easier to schedule equipment usage, service and maintenance as you always have. The ADVISE level helps break those routines and find smarter ways to work:

  • Your fleet may be idling more than you think, burning precious fuel. Level 2: ADVISE can help you recognize these periods.
  • Delaying maintenance may actually slow you down, as opposed to scheduling maintenance during machine downtime so it is ready to use when your job calls for a specific type of equipment.



Level 2: ADVISE provides information on how your fleet is performing and the condition of your equipment. You can trust the data and Thompson to keep you updated on:

  • Condition Monitoring: Real-time process data is uploaded through Product Link™  so we can collect, store and analyze your equipment and site information and make suggestions to improve your scheduling, maintenance and operator training.
  • Equipment Inspections: Your equipment inspection data allows us to track the condition of your fleet and make recommendations to streamline service and maintenance.
  • S•O•S Fluid Analysis: Scheduled Oil Sampling Services allows us to precisely monitor the condition of your oil, coolant and fuel and track any wear or degradation over time. With optimized maintenance and fluid changes, you can extend the life of your equipment and avoid costly downtime.
  • Maintenance: Within Cat guidelines for service intervals, there is room to optimize depending on the real-time health and condition of your fleet. Together, we can use Level 2: ADVISE data to create a custom maintenance schedule that decreases your long-term operating costs.

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