Heavy Equipment Customer Value Agreements


You can expect certain benefits in any Thompson Cat Customer Value Agreement on a new machine: delivered parts, an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) and access to machine insights on your phone. Other aspects of CVAs adjust to what your business needs and how your operation works. 



The right parts, delivered right on time, to the right place, with the maintenance instructions to help you get the job done right. The Convenience CVA fits operations who handle maintenance in-house, with security that protects you from unexpected costs with an Equipment Protection Plan. Schedule service and order parts, track shipments, manage maintenance events, perform inspections and view repair history, machine insights and results – all from the convenience of your phone. 


Bronze, Silver, Silver Plus, Gold, Platinum

On-time planned maintenance managed by Thompson Tractor. The Performance CVA introduces flexible dealer service so your crew can focus on work that drives revenue. It includes the elements of Convenience., with your planned maintenance events and your EPP for Powertrain+Hydraulics+Technology lasting from three to five years.



TM & R

Added security with a Premier EPP that provides more comprehensive coverage, plus even more planned maintenance performed by certified Thompson Tractor technicians. The Confidence CVA helps protect your machine investment for up to five years (aligned with working hours). Similar to Performance, this CVA includes delivered parts, dealer service, Cat Fluids and machine insights on your phone. It also adds Condition Monitoring, which tracks machine health and detect upcoming problems or opportunities.


Offers you hassle-free ownership of your not-so-new equipment to keep your machine easy to own and ready to work. Delivered parts. Flexible Service. Machine insights you can track on your phone. We can support any fleet size, as well as, Cat and non Cat equipment. 


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