Cat Equipment Management Services Level 3: Partner


The health of your fleet is directly related to maintenance practices. If you wait for something to break or wear out, you have no choice but to shuffle equipment or reschedule certain jobs. The cost of unplanned downtime is huge, so don’t get caught in that trap. Trust Thompson to provide solutions that help improve your equipment avalaibility and profitability.

You have invested a lot of money in your fleet, so get the most out of it and maximize your return on investment. The Thompson team knows your equipment and has the trained technicians you need to keep it running properly and with maximum efficiency.


Thompson EM Services has revolutionized how we monitor, track and ensure the health and operating conditions of your equipment. Real-time process and operating information is sent through Cat Connect to our EM Services team. We make intelligent decisions that improve the performance, efficiency and health of your machines. With Level 3: PARTNER, you benefit from the following services:

  • 24/7 equipment monitoring to detect and warn about unplanned operating issues
  • Convenient in-shop or on-site preventive maintenance for all types of services
  • Equipment inspections, machine health reports and S•O•S Fluid Analysis

Managing all this on your own can prove difficult and time-consuming. Trust the Thompson EM Services team to guide you and keep your fleet running perfectly so you can focus on getting the job done.

No fleet owner, operator or manager would run without preventive maintenance. Thompson has taken preventive maintenance to the next level with Cat Connect and EM Services. Level 3: PARTNER is taking the guesswork out of heavy equipment service and maintenance and gives you peace of mind that your equipment is always ready to work.


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