Cat Certified Rebuild

Cat Certified Rebuild

  • Completely rebuild your machine to Caterpillar specifications from the bare frame up.
  • A cat Certified Rebuild carries a warranty similar to that offered with a new machine.
  • Save from 40% to 60% of the cost of a comparable new replacement unit.
  • Receive a new machine serial number.

The Cat Certified Rebuild process restores the machines original productivity and reliability. ALL required Caterpillar product improvements and updated components are installed to increase performance. 

Depending on the age of the machine, certain engineering improvements and updates may have been made since the original manufacturing. Many of these improvements will be incorporated into the machines when it is reassembled. As many as 350 tests and inspections plus automatic replacement of up to 7,000 parts ensure the same high level of quality you would expect from a new Cat machine. A Cat Certified Rebuild maximizes the built in value of your machine.

Power Train Rebuild

Caterpillar Certified Power Train Rebuild 

The rebuild process starts with a complete Power Train inspection. The Power Train is completely disassembled and rebuilt. All critical engineering updates and improvements are included in the replacement of reconditioning of approximately 3,000 parts. Approximately 200 tests and inspections ensure the same high level of quality you expect from a new caterpillar Power Train. The Caterpillar Power Train Rebuild program covers the engine, transmission, radiator, torque converter, transfer gear box, universal joints and drive shafts, differentials, final drives, brakes, Power Train electrical switches, sensors and sending units plus all Power Train electronic control modules and software including a new engine wiring harness.



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