Cat Equipment Replacement Parts Guide

Cat Equipment Replacement Parts Buying Guide


You already know about the high quality of Cat vehicles. To keep your heavy equipment running smoothly, you need to replace worn components with genuine Cat parts. Shopping at provides you with a convenient online source of new heavy equipment parts you can order from without leaving the office, freeing you for more important tasks and making your operations more efficient and productive.

What Makes So Reliable?

Yes, you have multiple sources for purchasing parts for your heavy equipment, but if you want to get genuine Cat components, should be your first stop. By shopping online at this site, you have several advantages over looking through random Google results or visiting parts stores in person. From the convenience of online ordering to fast delivery, you will save time getting the parts you need from the Caterpillar brand you trust.

1. Order Online Anytime

Wherever you have access to the internet, you can buy replacement Cat parts online. Use your phone or a tablet while still on the job site to order parts as soon as you notice you need them. You won't have to worry about returning to an office, flipping through a catalog, or waiting for phone operator hours to buy parts. takes orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Delivery to Your Job Site

You don't even have to leave your job site when getting parts delivered. Select the "ship to me" option to have the parts you ordered brought directly to you. This option will be the best choice for you if you have limited time and cannot leave the job site during work hours to pick up a part.

If you don't need the parts right away and can get to your nearest Thompson Tractor location, save money on shipping by having your parts shipped to the store. For parts we have in stock, you can get them from our store the same day you place the order, giving you the fastest option for getting the components you need.

3. Trusted Cat Replacement Parts


When you shop for new components for your Cat vehicles, you need the assurance that you will get genuine replacement parts. Because Caterpillar is such a well-known name, parts with the familiar logo have a premium worth. To ensure you get parts covered by the Caterpillar company's warranty and will work with your equipment, order directly through

4. Fast, Accurate Results

Instead of sifting through search results from another site, find your part immediately. With the ability to order Cat parts by part number, you can get directly to the order page, saving you time. Even if you don't have the part number, you can find parts quickly by the equipment you own and looking through parts manuals. We'll also recommend other components you need to make specific repairs or parts purchased frequently together.

Another way to quickly find the parts you need is through the Service Information System, or SIS. This system connects your account through to your dealer account. With these accounts linked, the parts store knows which Cat vehicles you own, and can suggest parts based on those.

Using these methods to find parts will ensure you have the correct components for your heavy equipment. You won't have to worry about looking up compatibility, because the parts you find by part number or through SIS will work with your Cat vehicle. Finding parts faster is just another way can save you time.

5. Free Standard Freight on Cat Parts

When ordering and choosing standard freight shipping, you won't have to pay extra delivery fees. Take advantage of free standard freight when you order Cat parts online. Thanks to our extensive inventory, most parts can ship within 24 hours. Choosing free standard delivery will save you money for parts you need to have on hand for later repairs or replacements. While not the fastest means of getting your pieces, with enough planning, you can save money on shipping and have the components you need for repairing your fleet.

What Parts Can I Find on


When you look online for heavy equipment parts at, you have access to 1.4 million components in the Cat catalog. You'll find almost any part the company makes for its heavy equipment, including classic and new models. We have many of these parts on hand at our Thompson Tractor locations, reducing delivery time. With genuine Cat parts, you get the same quality you expect from the Caterpillar name when you need to repair your heavy equipment.

1. One-Year Warranty

You can trust the Cat parts you order from our online store. Like the heavy equipment Caterpillar makes, the pieces have the same exacting standards for quality. The company feels so strongly about this that Caterpillar guarantees all its parts with a 12-month warranty.

All local Cat dealers, like Thompson Tractor, also uphold this warranty on parts, even those you purchase online. When getting Cat parts, you should feel comfortable knowing you have bought components that have construction to withstand the harsh conditions you work in. The warranty on these parts backs up their durability.

2. Extensive Inventory

Not only do you have a wide selection of items to choose from, but Caterpillar also maintains the industry's most comprehensive inventory. By having more parts available, the store has a much higher chance of having the parts you need in stock. You won't need to shop around to get the components your heavy equipment needs.

3. Parts Matched to Machines

Because the Cat parts store has components designed for its equipment, you can quickly find the right pieces to match the vehicles you have on your site. Search options allow you to look up parts based on the type of equipment you have, ensuring the right fit and operation.

4. Maintain Equipment Resale Value

Repairing your heavy equipment with genuine Cat parts helps you maintain the integrity of the machine. By keeping all the components of the vehicle consistent, you also help maintain its resale value and longevity. If you plan on replacing any parts of your fleet in the future, knowing you have invested in their quality over the years by only using Cat parts in them could help you get a higher price at selling time.

5. Trusted Quality From Caterpillar

If you have Cat equipment on your job site, you already trust the name to work as hard as you do. Using Cat parts for repairs keeps the quality of your machinery high. With the same care and expert engineering it uses in its machines, Caterpillar creates its replacement parts. You already trust the name for your heavy equipment, and you can extend that confidence to the parts you get online from

How to Use

If you don't know how to buy Caterpillar equipment parts from our online site, you may not be aware of the many features it has. On the user-friendly, you will find a range of search options that help you pinpoint the right parts for your Cat heavy equipment. After some preliminary steps of setting up an account, you can dive right into shopping on

1. Register for a Account

While you can order parts as a guest, you will have the fullest experience on the site by registering. When you register, will remember your previous orders, to make reordering parts as easy as a click. Additionally, the site will remember your location, and you have the chance to upload part lists for even faster bulk orders.

  • To register, follow these steps when you get to However, if you already have a Cat Parts Store account, your information transferred to the new You do not have to register a new account.
  • Select the "Sign Up/Register" button at the top of the page.
  • Choose the "Register" option to set up a new account.
  • Type your nearest city into the pop-up box to select the Thompson Tractor location nearest you.
  • Complete all the required fields in the registration form for your local Cat dealer.

2. Find Parts Through Browsing Categories

Once you have an account set up, sign in to access all the search features. Browsing through categories for new parts lets you compare features of components across many lines. Using the category search function also takes you to the video resources page for specific types of parts. You will see installation and maintenance videos to help you correctly use the components you purchased.

  • Choose "Shop by Category" from the top of the page.
  • Select which of the 30 categories you wish to browse.
  • Pick which subcategory you need.
  • Click on the part number to find out more information, availability at your nearest Thompson Tractor, and any related parts.
  • Input the number you wish to order to update availability statistics.
  • Choose the "Add to Cart" option to put the item in your online shopping cart.
  • Go to the shopping cart to finish the checkout process.

3. Place an Order Through Quick Order


If you know the part numbers or have a spreadsheet in CSV format, you can use the quick order method. This ordering method also gives you the sole way to purchase parts online that are specific to your local Cat dealer.

  • Select the "Quick Order" option, which takes you directly to the shopping cart.
  • Input the part numbers of the components you need.
  • Alternatively, select "Upload a File." Find the spreadsheet in CSV format on your computer and upload it to the site.
  • Verify the spreadsheet's parts and numbers uploaded correctly.
  • Choose "Next" to add the parts to your shopping cart and to finish the payment process.

4. Get Parts Through SIS

  • Choose SIS at the top of the page, or from "Visit SIS" from the parts manuals section.
  • Input your equipment's three-digit prefix or serial number, or choose the serial number from the drop-down menu.
  • Filter the parts results based on your equipment. Use keywords to find parts for your vehicle.
  • Choose the "Select as Shipped" option to get OEM equipment for your Cat vehicle.
  • Pick the parts you need and amounts for a specific repair and add them to your cart.
  • Complete the checkout process.

5. Use the Parts Manuals to Get Components

Search through parts manuals to find parts based on engineering diagrams for your equipment.

  • Click "Parts Manuals" from the top of the page.
  • Enter your equipment's serial number.
  • Reference engineering drawings, part numbers, component descriptions, prices, and suggested quantities.
  • Choose the number of each part you want and add to the shopping cart.
  • Finish checking out.

6. Select Parts Based on Your Equipment

Use your equipment's serial number to find compatible parts.

  • Start by choosing "Find by Equipment" at the top of the page.
  • Enter your Cat vehicle's serial number and any part keywords you want to narrow down results.
  • Look over the results and choose the number of specific parts you need.
  • Read the notes with the parts. If the note reads "Verified at Serial Number," it goes with your equipment's exact serial number. Those that match a serial number prefix will have the note "Verified at Serial Range."

7. Finish Checkout

Regardless of the method you selected to search for and choose parts, the checkout process follows the same steps.

  • Choose the delivery method you prefer, either to your job site or to your nearest Thompson Tractor.
  • Input payment information.
  • Review the final parts list and prices. Choose the "Place Order" button to finalize the information and schedule your Cat parts order. Pick the "Request Quote" button to see the total cost with shipping without making the order.
  • Go to the "My Account" section on to review any quotes made to place orders for the quotes or to delete the quotes.

How and When Will I Receive the Parts I Ordered?

When it comes to how and when you get your parts, several factors determine the answer. If you ordered online and requested the parts shipped to the store, you can get them as soon as you come pick them up, depending on whether we have the items in stock. If we have it in inventory, you may pick it up the same day.

For parts you ordered online we don't have in stock, or that you requested to ship to your job site, the timing depends on the shipping speed you chose. Most parts, though, are ready for delivery within 24 hours. If you have questions about ordering or delivery from, give our marketing coordinator a call at 205-849-4342.

Get Reliable Cat Parts for Your Equipment


Buy Cat parts online to get the quality you trust for your projects. You can feel safe throughout the process by ordering parts directly from Caterpillar through our site at Thompson Tractor. Because your time and productivity play critical roles in your business, we offer you a way to improve your use of both through ordering Cat parts online. Get started today by selecting parts you need immediately or scheduling orders of regularly replaced components of your heavy equipment.