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When you have a landscape cleanup job, you need a blower that works efficiently and helps you finish the job in record time. Both Shindaiwa and ECHO blowers are industry-leading, and come packed with features that will make a difference whether you own a landscaping company or you just want to clean up your own backyard. Our Cat Rental Stores in Opelika & Pensacola now carry both brands in a variety of backpack blowers and handheld blowers, so you can always find what you need for your next job.

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Backpack and Handheld Blowers

A leaf blower has multiple uses and benefits for both small suburban spaces and large golf courses or sports fields. Blowers are great for tasks including:

  • Cleaning up leaves and garden trimmings
  • Reducing the manual labor of gardening
  • Clearing away pollen
  • Blowing away snow
  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Clearing hard surfaces such as your patio or pool area
  • Cleaning dryer vents

A backpack blower is perfect for landscapes that are bigger than a large lawn. Most backpack blowers do not have the restriction of a cord, which is great when you need to cover a greater distance. Light-duty electric handheld blowers are great for small suburban spaces when you need to occasionally clean your patio or do some light cleaning around your garden.

ECHO Blower

ECHO’s Power Leaf Blowers have operator-friendly features such as padded backrests and shoulder straps on backpack blowers and comfortable handles with “cruise control” that make it even easier to clean. The company understands how to take their blowers to the next level by publishing both the speed (MPH) at which the blowers move air and how much air they move (CFM). This gives your ECHO blower the ability to move debris and keep it moving fast, all while you stay comfortable operating the machine.

Shindaiwa Blower

Shindaiwa is the name to watch in the backpack blower market. These backpack blowers have two large displacement engines with double-adjusting shoulder straps and padded backrests. Ergonomically positioned controls make it easy to operate a Shindaiwa blower all day. On the other hand, the company’s handheld blowers are extremely powerful, durable, and fuel-efficient. Shindaiwa’s long history of development and innovation ensures that whatever blower you choose will give you the benefits you need from a long-lasting blower.

Why Choose Thompson Tractor?

Thompson Tractor has the products you need to excel in property management, whether you want to clean around your pool or you’re in charge of keeping acres free of debris. We provide better support and value than the big-box stores. Instead of selling products just to make a sale, we work with you to find the best Shindaiwa or ECHO blower for your needs. Then, we provide ongoing support so you can get the best life out of your blower.

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