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Edgers, Trimmers & Attachments for Sale

The right edgers, trimmers, and necessary attachments can make a huge difference in how long it takes to complete a landscaping job. Top-of-the-line ECHO trimmers are for everyone — whether you want to sculpt an area in your backyard or you manage an entire estate. At our Cat Rental Store Locations in Opelika & Pensacola, we have both ECHO and Shindaiwa products for property management as well as exceptional service & support.

How to Use Property Management Tools

Edgers are perfect for making neat and tidy edges around your lawn, driveway, garden, and more. Edgers have blades that cut a small gap between the grass and the other area you want to separate. They have an aesthetic purpose, but they also help you delineate grass from concrete and make any landscape look beautiful.

You can also find these other landscaping tools at Thompson Tractor:

  • Trimmers: A trimmer will cut what a mower leaves behind and allows you to create a perfectly sculpted lawn or landscape by tidying trees, shrubs, the area around fences, and more.
  • Pruners: A pair of pruning shears is a great choice to sculpt the plants around your property. A high-quality pair from ECHO will even cut through the thick branches of trees or shrubs.
  • Tillers/Cultivators: Cultivators and tillers are perfect for developing a garden, weeding during the growing season, and mixing compost into your soil. Cultivators are smaller and easier to maneuver than tillers, but tillers are more powerful than cultivators and work for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Attachments: An attachment from Thompson Tractor can make a big difference in how you use your property management tools. Whether you want to turn your trimmer into a professional-grade option or power pruner to reach difficult limbs, we have an attachment that will work.

Landscape Attachments

Thompson Tractor also offers attachments for earth-moving landscaping equipment. These landscape attachments are great for larger-scale and commercial landscaping jobs that require the use of heavy machinery. Our earthmoving attachments for landscaping can work with Cat® skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, multi-terrain loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, small wheel loaders, and mini excavators. Attachment options include:

  • Angle Brooms: Safely remove snow by brushing, not scraping surfaces, with a greater range of motion and a carefully molded hood that directs the snow and other debris away from the machine to protect it.
  • Angle and Dozer Blades: Easily change the pitch and angle of your loader blade from inside the cab without losing strength or power.
  • Augers: We offer a range of extraction earth moving attachments for landscaping. Our augers feature a variety of speed and torque capabilities to meet your project’s needs.
  • Backhoe Loader Couplers: These attachments have our own Dual Lock™ pin grabber couplers for fast and easy attachment changes. Choose the hydraulic option to make adjustments from inside the cab.
  • Brushcutters: Attach one of our brushcutters to your machine with its efficient three-blade design for fast, effective cutting action through your thickest brush.
  • Ditch Cleaning and Grading Buckets: Suitable for finish-grade work, our ditch cleaning and grading buckets are perfect for sloping, grading, trench cleaning, and other finishing tasks.
  • Industrial Grapple Buckets: Safely and confidently hold even some of the most uneven loads with these powerful grapple buckets with jaws that can open as wide as 60 inches.
  • Landscape Rakes: Get rid of rocks, sticks, and other debris from your soil with these aerating, leveling, and conditioning rakes.
  • Landscape Tillers: To help create that distinctive level of detail you are looking for on your landscaping jobs, attach one of our landscape tillers for efficient breaking up, mixing up, and stabilization of your soil.
  • Light Material Buckets: For scooping up and moving snow, topsoil, wood chips, and other lighter loads, with capacities ranging from .90 to 6.5 cubic yards.
  • Material Handling Arms: With improved sightlines and reach as far as 163 inches, you can grab and move a wide range of materials.
  • Material Handling Buckets: Material handling buckets have a capacity as great as 1.7 cubic yards, and honeycomb holes provide an improved view of the cutting edge.
  • Mini Hydraulic Excavator Couplers: These hydraulic couplers have our Dual Lock™ technology for fast changes and secure buckets, allowing a range of tasks on a single machine.
  • Mulchers: Our mulch attachments have the capacity to mulch anything from saplings and underbrush to shrubs and trees under eight inches in diameter.
  • Multi-Purpose Buckets: Use one bucket for multiple functions, including grading, bulldozing, and transporting material.
  • Pallet Forks: With a tall backboard, great load visibility, and a variety of tine lengths, this attachment makes it easy to load and move all your pallets.
  • Pick-Up Brooms: Easily clean up road surfaces. Pick-up brooms include an integrated hopper bucket for effortless dumping.
  • Power Box Rakes: Clearing and preparing soil is a snap with these powerful rakes.
  • Rippers: Designed especially for Cat machines, these rippers make short work of even the densest dirt, rockiest soil, and toughest frost.
  • Snow Blowers: Easily clear driveways, parking lots, streets, and more with our smarter snow blowers.
  • Snow Plows: Our snow plows come complete with optimized moldboard for easier snow pushing.
  • Straight Snow Pushes: If you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to clear all your snow in one shot, try this attachment, great for airport runways and driveways.
  • Thumbs: A great enhancement to our buckets and rippers that make picking and sorting easy.
  • Trenchers: These are the perfect attachments for when you need to cut accurate, narrow trenches.
  • Utility Brooms: Utility brooms have better sweeping ability and a large hopper capacity so you can sweep longer without stopping.
  • Vibratory Drum Compactor: This attachment is a must if you plan to lay asphalt or concrete over soil, gravel, or sand.

Choose ECHO

We carry a variety of ECHO trimmers, attachments, pruners, tillers, and cultivators, all known for matching comfort with innovation. For example, ECHO’s Perfect Edge™ edgers work well for residential homes and commercial properties that need a manicured look. ECHO pruners are great for hard-to-reach tree pruning while keeping the operator comfortable. If you’re not sure what you need, Thompson Tractor can help you find the perfect ECHO attachment, tiller, or cultivator.

Echo PAS 2620 Tiller Powerhead Attachment for trimmers and edgers - PAS 2620 electric brush cutter trimmer powerhead attachment - professional electric gardening and landscaping tool PAS attachment

Shindaiwa Edgers and Trimmers

Shindaiwa edgers, trimmers, and other property management tools have commercial features that maximize efficiency and help you save time and money, including an open-face shield, height-adjustable guide wheel, and a high-performance engine that makes it easy to power through grass and dirt near a sidewalk or driveway. A Shindaiwa trimmer can help you make specific cuts and edges in your backyard or around a commercial property, thanks to extra-sharp blades.

Shindaiwa DH235 electric double blade Hedge Trimmer landscaping tool for sale

Buy at Thompson Tractor

When you are ready to buy an ECHO trimmer or pruner, choose Thompson Tractor. We value our customers and strive to provide better support and overall value than the big-box stores. Call or visit our stores in Opelika and Pensacola today to check out our ECHO equipment in person.

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