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If you are in the market for a farm tractor, the Pensacola Thompson Cat Rental Store now carries one of the industry’s leading brands; MahindraWe understand your work isn’t always a 9 to 5 job. Fortunately, we have the capabilities, service capacity and responsiveness most others can’t match.


Mahindra Tractors

Durable Mahindra tractors come in a wide range of sizes, from 22 to 105 horsepower. Whether you need a tractor to maintain your property, for commercial landscaping, or for agriculture, our Mahindra specialists can help you find the tractor that’s right for you. We can also supply implements and attachments for any task you have in mind – from post-hole diggers and mowers to box blades and scrapers.

The Mahindra name means quality and efficiency. All Mahindra tractors are tough and dependable and come with a guaranteed 51-point pre-delivery inspection, so you can feel confident about the farm tractor you’re getting. Mahindra’s mission is to provide industry-leading tractors as well as support to keep our customers happy and enable them to work smarter instead of harder.

The best way to experience how Mahindra can Push More, Pull More, Lift More, is to try one in person. Please call or stop by the Opelika, Alabama or Pensacola, Florida Thompson Cat Rental Store to see what a Mahindra can do.

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Mahindra’s various farm tractors range from 22 to 105 horsepower, from the 1500 series to the 7000 series. The shuttle models have front-end loading capabilities, while tractors in the 3500 series have spacious cab areas. These tractors are for everyone, whether you need a model with lower horsepower to clear brush on your property, or you run a commercial landscaping company and need something powerful to get the job done.

Versatile, Powerful Farm Tractors

A rugged, high-quality farm tractor is necessary for all types of work, whether farming is your full-time occupation or a part-time or recreational activity. Almost every farmer needs a front-end loader for lifting and hauling, and others will need a farm tractor with greater horsepower for other heavy-duty tasks.

Purchasing a Mahindra farm tractor will help you:

  • Mow heavy brush
  • Clear your land
  • Cultivate your land
  • Feed and care for your livestock
  • Landscape
  • Build a fence
  • Tackle construction projects
  • Haul, cut and split firewood
  • Build trails
  • Harvest crops
  • Remove snow
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Why Choose Thompson Tractor?

Whether you need a Mahindra tractor, Thompson Tractor has all that and more. We are a full-line Cat dealer with locations in Alabama and northwest Florida. We have new, used, and rental equipment, as well as parts and unmatched service.

If you need a farm tractor for property management, whether it’s your own or for commercial uses, Thompson Tractor has a whole line of property management products, from mowers to chainsaws to blowers. We don’t just sell you equipment and then leave you without support. We can service your heavy equipment and service any parts that need to be replaced.

2013 Massey Ferguson 8600 Series Row Crop MF 8690 - 340 HP

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The best way to experience how a Mahindra tractor can Push More, Pull More, and Lift More is to try one in person. Please call or stop by the Opelika, Alabama, or Pensacola, Florida, Thompson Cat Rental Store today to see what a farm tractor can do.

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