Toro & Spartan Lawn Mowers for Sale

Make yard care simple

With the best mowers from the Thompson Cat Rental Store you can be confident that you will master all your lawn care tasks from residential to commercial. We carry two of the industry leading brands; Spartan and Toro, from walk-behind mowers to zero turn mowers. With innovative features that make yard clean-up easy and comfortable. Plus, you will get the unrivaled service and support that you can trust from The Thompson Cat Rental Stores in Opelika & Pensacola.



Spartan Mowers

Mowing is no longer a chore with Spartan Mowers. The RZ, RT, and SRT Series are changing the landscaping industry to provide luxury and durability for every price range. These zero-turn mowers are the industry standard in comfort and value and will make you never want to leave your backyard. Every Spartan Mowers product is made in the U.S., and we've never been more proud to purchase American-made products and carry them in our stores.

Toro Mowers

With everything from push mowers to zero-turn mowers, Toro keeps your yard work simple, whether it's your own backyard or for commercial uses. Toro has an extensive product catalog for every industry, from golf to sports fields and grounds. The company has a commitment to innovation that thrives under its always-evolving products and technologies. When you buy a push mower or zero-turn mower from Toro, you'll get the top performance, productivity, and efficiency you need to succeed.

Quality and Innovation for Everyone

A push mower from Toro or Spartan Mowers can help in a variety of industries and applications. If you own a home with a large lawn, a push mower will help keep your lawn tidy and your neighbors happy. In other industries, such as greenskeeping, a push mower will help achieve greater accuracy and help you navigate sloped areas without tearing the turf.

On the other hand, zero-turn mowers are perfect for commercial applications where maneuvering is a problem, or where you want total speed. For sports field management or landscaping companies, zero-turn mowers will give your employees increased comfort and save a significant amount of time. You'll notice more power, more control, and a better bottom line as you save time and money.

Choose Thompson Cat

Thompson's Cat Rental Stores provide better products, support, and overall value compared to big-box stores. As a full-line Cat dealer for Alabama and northwest Florida, we have the experience to help you find the right mower for your needs. We've been around since 1957, providing top-of-the-line products and innovative solutions for earthmoving, construction and more.

When you invest in our company, we invest in you. From parts to service to other property management products, Thompson Tractor is a one-stop shop for everything you need. Our Opelika and Pensacola Cat Rental Stores are also available for you to go and try out different push mowers and zero-turn mowers to feel the quality yourself before purchasing.

Where to Buy

If you need a new push mower or zero-turn mower, Thompson's Cat Rental Stores have the Toro and Spartan products you need. Call or visit our Opelika and Pensacola locations today to check out the equipment in person.

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