Innovation. Productivity. Efficiency. 

Increased productivity, greater job opportunities, less labor needed, and material savings are just a few ways FINN machines can help the bottom line.

Use FINN HydroSeeders for large and small seeding jobs, for temporary and permanent erosion control, for soil restoration projects, for dust control, as a Landfill Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) applicator, and for fire suppression. Straw Blowers are routinely used for seed protection, soil stabilization, and mud control. Bark Blowers add even more versatility through the application of mulches, compost, soil blends, and wood chips for landscapes, turf installation and topdressing, playgrounds, erosion control blankets, and sediment control filter sock.

Bark-Blowers.png Straw-Blowers.png Hydroseeders-(1).png


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