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Advances in Construction Technology

Advances in Construction Technology

Advanced construction technology is keeping workers safer while increasing productivity and profits. As technology expands in all industries, it becomes especially beneficial in the construction sector.

Cameras, detection technology, data collection hardware, and new machine control capabilities allow equipment managers and operators to improve decision-making and safety. With these new features, workers can increase alertness, performance, efficiency, safety, record-keeping accuracy, and profits.

The Importance of New Construction Technology

The construction industry improves as it grows, and innovative machine features increase safety, efficiency, decision-making, and productivity. New construction technologies are important for the following reasons:


Construction equipment caused 14,000 non-fatal injuries and 150 deaths in 2020. In 2022, the Center for Protection of Worker’s Rights conducted a survey about struck-by incidents and found that approximately 36% of these incidents occur due to vehicles or heavy construction equipment. This study also revealed that 27% of survey participants felt incidents occur because operators and managers lack hazard prevention understanding.

Clearly, safety must be a top priority on construction sites. Advanced construction technology increases risk prevention with detection features, cameras, and alertness monitoring capabilities. Implementing construction technology on job sites improves safety, helping more workers avoid injuries and fatalities.


New technology also increases efficiency on job sites. Advanced hardware and software provide machine operators with the data they need to make informed decisions. Managers and operators can use this technology to improve performance, make faster decisions on the job, and increase equipment uptime.


Advanced construction data collection makes it easier to track and manage information for improved record-keeping. Using secure platforms and cellular and satellite connections, new construction technology seamlessly connects people to machine data. Operators and managers can use real-time insights and organized data collection to gain a clearer understanding of machine usage, productivity, and costs.

New Technology in the Construction Industry

Advances in construction technology allow operators and fleet managers to increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy while reducing costs. As the use of technology in construction grows, professionals in the field can significantly benefit. Consider how the following innovations improve management and operational efficiency:

CAT Detect


Cat® DETECT technologies use the following hardware components to increase an operator’s awareness of their surroundings:

  • RFID sensors: RFID technology detects when ground personnel are near a machine, helping operators keep themselves and other workers safe. This type of detection alerts an operator when an individual approaches their machinery, giving the operator time to stop the equipment and prevent injuries.
  • Displays and onboard software: Clear displays and onboard software increase an operator’s ability to maneuver machinery correctly and make fast, informed decisions.
  • Hazard and seat belt detection: Object detection technology alerts operators to nearby hazards using radar sensors and cameras, and seat belt monitoring sensors remind workers to wear seatbelts.
  • Cameras: Cameras increase an operator’s vision. A rear-vision camera is a single-camera system offering a clear view of the space behind a machine. A Work Area Vision System uses multiple cameras so operators can see the full area surrounding their machinery.
  • Security features: Cat Machine Security Systems allow machine owners to control who operates their equipment.
  • Alertness monitoring: Fatigue and distraction monitoring technology helps machine operators remain alert and focused during long shifts.

With Cat DETECT technology, equipment operators can see what’s around them better than if they were operating less advanced equipment. This type of technology increases safety, allowing operators to complete tasks confidently.


SITECH is a Trimble dealer for innovative machine control applications. Trimble’s technology automates machine components such as booms and buckets, allowing operators to control machines automatically. It provides data to help operators make better decisions on the job with real-time insights.

For example, viewing an excavator’s real-time cut/fill arrow along the excavator’s bucket edge on a screen shows the operator the cut and fill value if they go below or above the design as the bucket moves. This technology uses robotic, laser, and GPS solutions to accomplish:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased operator fatigue
  • Greater performance
  • Faster decision making
  • Higher employee retention
  • Lower costs and increased profit
  • Optimized operations
  • Increased operator confidence


VisionLink technology helps equipment managers stay ahead, making useful connections. With this technology, a manager can optimize a fleet, secure a critical machine, or gain a clear understanding of the bottom line with accurate cost tracking.

VisionLink connects people, data, and equipment to help machine managers and operators make informed decisions. Access to machine data allows professionals to track and manage site data from a central location, improving efficiency and field performance. Mobile and web-based interfaces with hardware activation provide accurate information so workers can:

  • Keep equipment available and secure
  • Monitor machine health and fault codes
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Track asset locations
  • Easily store and access metric reports and audit logs
  • Track inspection results and fluid analysis
  • Request maintenance and repair services
  • Order parts quickly and easily
  • Reduce alert overload with customization features and a responsive interface
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Improve productivity and increase profits
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized equipment usage
  • Reduce or eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • Reduce fuel and wage costs
  • Manage fleets from any location

Product Link

Product Link technology increases fleet management effectiveness and efficiency. This remote monitoring solution uses deeply integrated hardware to interact with a system’s electronic control modules, enabling more accurate monitoring. It also offers flexible reporting options, allowing equipment managers to control fleets at any time and from any location.

Product Link technology collects data from components and systems such as transmissions, engines, and hydraulic elements. Cellular or satellite communications then move this data to the secure web-based platform, VisionLink. With ProductLink, an equipment manager can:

  • Collect diagnostic codes and events such as fuel burn, idle time, and equipment use hours
  • View all assets on one map or screen
  • Zoom in on specific machines
  • Track equipment movement during a period of time
  • Observe hourly and daily equipment usage
  • Compare equipment idle time to usage
  • Pinpoint machines working under their capacity to improve equipment assignment
  • Monitor fuel usage
  • Strategically route fuel trucks for greater efficiency
  • Establish site boundaries and set security alerts
  • Identify unauthorized equipment usage
  • Order parts quickly
  • Plan, schedule, and track maintenance to reduce equipment downtime
  • Customize displays and alerts

Get the Latest in Construction Technology

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Thompson Tractor offers the latest Cat construction equipment technology. Our selection of technologically advanced equipment can help you manage your fleet effectively, increase operational efficiency, improve productivity, and keep your workers safe. We also offer high-quality equipment rentals if you want to take advantage of the latest innovations without making a large investment.

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