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Mini Excavators

Mini Hydraulic Excavators for Sale

Our extensive line of Cat® mini hydraulic excavators from 1-10 metric tons offers the performance you need to get the job done on any site, with units that are as agile and versatile as you are.

Types of Mini Excavators for Sale

Thompson Tractor carries various mini excavators. Our mini hydraulic excavators come in several classes, including Variable Angle Boom (VAB), Versatile Power System (VPS), or standard excavators.

Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavator Specs and Models

Excavators are some of the most important equipment types on your job site. Thompson Tractor carries several models, including:

  • 300.9D: This mini excavator has 13 horsepower with a Yanmar 31NV70 engine. It has an operating weight of 2,061 pounds and a 12-volt, 20-amp battery.
  • 308 CR VAB: The net power of this machine is 69.5 horsepower. It has a Cat C3.3B engine with a 4.7-inch stroke and a 3.7-inch bore.
  • 308 CR: This mini excavator model also has 69.5 horsepower. The operating weight is 20,077 pounds.
  • 307.5: The mini excavator has a Cat C2.4 Turbo engine with 54.8 horsepower. The bore is 3.4 inches, while the stroke is 4 inches. It has a maximum operating weight of 17,905 pounds.
  • 306 CR: The horsepower of this mini excavator is 55.9. The operating weight is 15,766 pounds, and it has a maximum blade height of 16 inches.
  • 300.9D VPS & HPU300: This piece of equipment has 13 horsepower and a Yanmar 3TNV70 engine. The operating weight is 2,399 pounds. It has a maximum dumping height of 80 inches and a digging depth of 68 inches.
  • 309 CR: The 309 CR mini excavator has an operating weight of 21,091 pounds. The engine is a Cat C3.3B model, and the machine has a 3.7-inch bore and a 4.7-inch stroke.
  • 309 CR VAB: The net power of the 309 CR VAB excavator is 69.5 horsepower. Its maximum operating weight is 21,477 pounds. The maximum blade depth is 19.1 inches, while the reach is 256.5 inches.
  • 310: This mini excavator also has 69.5 horsepower. The equipment's operating weight is 22,451 pounds with a dig depth of 205.2 inches.

Mini Excavator Features

Cat mini hydraulic excavators offer numerous benefits across the models we carry. Some valuable features include:

  • Engine: Many of our models have automatic engine idle and shutdown capabilities, ecology drains, an automatic swing brake, and a fuel water separator indicator.
  • Operator environment: The operator environment can have travel cruise control, adjustable wrist rests, rear window emergency exits, and an LCD monitor.
  • Hydraulics: Several of our excavators offer useful hydraulic features, including a smart tech electronic pump, power on demand, and a certified accumulator.

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Thompson Tractor understands the needs of the Southeast because we have local roots. We have several locations throughout Alabama and northwest Florida to make it easy for you to buy, rent, or repair and replace excavators and other equipment.

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