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Rubber Tracks

Rubber Tracks Available at Thompson Tractor

Regardless of your equipment’s operating environment, there will come a day when it needs new tracks. Whether they’ve become worn after years of use or you want to support your equipment on new terrain, rubber track parts can refresh your machinery and help it better navigate whatever landscapes your work takes you to.

At Thompson Tractor, we offer a wide range of rubber tracks for local businesses to help you find the right levels of stability, ground pressure, traction, flotation, and ride comfort. Be sure to check out our rubber track specials by clicking here.

Skid loader with rubber tracksCat® Rubber Tracks

Cat rubber tracks are available for many types of machinery, with plenty of configurations to suit your equipment’s unique needs. We offer new and remanufactured rubber tracks and rubber track parts, such as shoe assemblies, for the following equipment:

  • Compact track loaders: With steel-embedded rubber tracks, you can give your compact track loader exceptional traction control, high flotation, low ground pressure, and a smooth, stable ride. Choose from standard, general duty, polar tread, and narrow-width rubber tracks.
  • Hydraulic excavators: Cat excavator rubber tracks offer great all-around performance in many ground conditions. Get the high traction you need along with stability and smoothness during your excavation work.

Choose the right kind of tread for your work


The block tread is a popular all-purpose option that works well on hard, abrasive surfaces like gravel and paved roads. Expect a smooth ride and little damage to the ground. It can also be used on terrain such as sand, dirt, and mud.


With a bar tread, you can get better traction on wet or muddy ground, but it may give you a slightly rougher ride. It’s also good for avoiding damage to finished turf.


If you need to switch between hard and soft terrain, the zigzag pattern offers even performance.


The polar tread is great for snowy operations. It can boost traction, improve ride performance, and reduce stopping distance when driving on snow.

The Cat Advantage

The official store carries resources you can count on. From genuine new rubber tracks to remanufactured or replaced components, you’ll find various parts manufactured specifically for your Cat machinery and given the green light from Caterpillar. With the rugged reliability of this industry-leading company, you can be confident you’re getting equipment built to last that helps you do your best work.

Working With Thompson Tractor

Thompson Tractor is your trusted Cat dealer throughout Alabama and northern Florida. We’ve been delivering high-quality equipment for decades, backed by our local, historied expertise. Dedication to our community is a driving force for our team. As a direct supplier, we’ll help you get the parts you need in a timely manner, with plenty of components held on-location and many more available for order.

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