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Heavy equipment attachments add versatility and value to your equipment. You can use attachments to help a piece of machinery perform at a better level or complete a function it wasn’t initially designed to handle. As a result, your company can take on more jobs and handle a wider range of client needs.

Learn more about the main attachments you can employ with your machinery and the benefits of utilizing them below.

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Top Sales and Rental Attachments for Your Machinery

Whether you’re looking for compact construction equipment (CCE) attachments or heavy equipment attachments, you can find a Cat attachment that fits your needs. For example, you can select from a diverse array of attachments, such as Cat loading shovels, snow plows, and skid steer excavator attachments. With all the choices available, you may want to learn about the most popular attachments to help you outfit your machinery with the best equipment to get a job done right.

Below are some top attachment options for machines:


1. Backhoe Attachments

Instead of purchasing a full backhoe loader, you can invest in a backhoe attachment that performs the same functions. This attachment connects with couplers to various kinds of earthmoving equipment. Typically, you’ll find these backhoe attachments coupled with skid steer loaders. Operators can use them to break asphalt, dig holes, perform landscaping tasks, and build roads.

Companies can select from a couple different versions of backhoe attachments. For instance, customers can purchase Cat skid steer backhoe attachments in various digging depths and different lengths. Additionally, renters or buyers can upgrade to a SMART backhoe attachment. These SMART backhoe attachments send a signal to a host machine that recognizes the attachment, repurposing existing machine joysticks to perform relevant functions and allowing operators to switch between control patterns.

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2. Mulcher Attachments

Companies employ mulchers to mulch and cut overgrowth and vegetation. Operators use Cat mulchers to shred organic waste and pruned material for biomass production, reclaim untitled land, and perform environmental maintenance. Cat mulchers feature a high-performance design, made for operating in standard wooded terrain as they can mulch undergrowth and vegetation with ease. These mulchers will easily reduce shrubs, trees, and saplings into mulched materials.

There are various mulcher models available, with different lengths and working widths. These varying dimensions allow you to find a mulcher in a size most useful to your typical mulching jobs. You can also find models with multiple teeth options, enabling you to select from rock-resistant, side cutter, chisel, and standard carbide teeth. Various models are popular as Cat track loader attachments since they can connect to skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, and compact track and multi-terrain loaders. Some models also connect to excavators.

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3. Rake Attachments for Heavy Equipment

Cat rakes are regularly utilized to move objects, clear land, and prepare soil. Below are a few different kinds you can attach to machinery:

  • Industrial grapple rakes: When you need to handle irregularly shaped, bulky objects, industrial grapple rakes are an excellent choice. They’re exceptionally tough and can handle several jobs, such as removing unwieldy objects for recycling, landscaping, demolition, storm debris clean-up, and construction applications.
  • Landscape rakes: Landscaping companies often use Cat landscape rakes. These attachments collect debris for removal purposes and scarify soil.
  • Power box rakes: Another popular kind of rake for those who need to prepare soil for different applications are power box rakes. These rakes clear and prepare soil for landscape finishing jobs.
  • Excavator rakes: Excavator rakes feature a curved rake profile to allow them to dig up debris, such as roots and rocks. These Cat rake buckets can pick up these larger roots and rocks, moving them to another location to prepare an area for more work.

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4. Sweepers and Brooms

utility broom

Sometimes referred to as brooms, Cat sweeper attachments are often used for ground-clearing applications. These sweepers are popular Cat loader attachments, as operators regularly attach angle brooms to wheel loaders to clear industrial plans, driveways, airport runaways, lanes, streets, mill yards, and parking lots. Pickup brooms, another kind of sweeper, collect debris and dirt from different surfaces. Additionally, operators regularly use utility brooms to sweep up light debris on smooth surfaces and collect dirt.

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We also carry a line of brushes from United Rotary Brush Corporation. These highly durable street sweeper brooms and runway sweeper products to clean thoroughly and efficiently, so you can rely on them day in and day out. From street sweeper brushes, tube brooms, strip brooms, gutter brooms, wafers and cassettes. You can place your trust in our brooms.

5. Buckets


Buckets are some of the most valuable attachments on job sites. You can use them to dig into the ground and excavate soil. Operators also employ buckets to pick up and move materials around a work site. You can select several types of buckets, with some main ones found below:

  • Backhoe rear and front buckets: Companies can attach buckets to the front and rear of their backhoes. Generally, operators employ front buckets to load and transport various materials around a work site. On the backhoe’s rear, operators regularly attach buckets for excavating, such as coral, heavy-duty, and cribbing buckets. Backhoe rear buckets also include grading and ditch-cleaning buckets.
  • Compact wheel loader buckets: If you use compact wheel loaders at your work site, compact wheel loader buckets are an excellent choice. These buckets can work seamlessly with compact wheel loaders. This design ensures you get the most value and performance from your bucket while on the job.
  • Excavator buckets: Excavator buckets can perfectly balance on Cat excavators and ensure your machinery stays healthy while you work. You can find several kinds of excavator buckets, such as those for ditch cleaning, digging, general duty tasks, heavy-duty work, and grading applications. Additionally, excavator skid steer attachment buckets are very popular, and Cat mini excavator buckets are widely used in the construction industry.

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6. Augers

Operators regularly use augers to dig holes for fencing, potholes, signposts, and footings with greater efficiency. Landscaping companies also utilize them to assist with planting trees and shrubs. If you work in agricultural, landscaping, or construction applications, you’ll love how many different auger attachments are available for your machines.

Companies can select various auger attachments with different driveshaft torques, drive methods, and mounting bracket designs. These devices can be attached to mini excavators, backhoe loaders, compact wheel loaders, and skid steer loaders. You can also add a concrete auger bucket to increase your machinery’s versatility.

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7. Trenchers


When you need to cut straight and narrow trenches, trenchers are an ideal attachment. Companies regularly use them as Cat compact track and multi-terrain loader attachments and Cat skid steer attachments. The smaller nature of these loaders makes them perfect for trench work when combined with a trencher. Many operators use trenchers to cut into soil, creating a trench so a crew can lay water and gas pipes or telephone, electrical, or cable lines.

Trenchers come in various cutting widths and boom lengths to make it easy for you to find the size you need for your job. You can also select trenchers with different chain types, allowing you to handle various kinds of soil. Operators can adjust the direct drive system to ensure the trencher runs at an appropriate speed and performs at its maximum capacity. Companies can also choose between manual or hydraulic side shifts, with the hydraulic side shift allowing the operator to control it from their compartment.

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8. Hammers

Cat hydraulic hammer attachments introduce efficiency to demolition, quarry, construction, and production breaking applications. These work tools are versatile with a universal mounting bracket that works with a range of machines. All you need to do is select the right size for your machine and applications.

Hammer attachments work well with skid steers, backhoes, and excavators of all sizes. With side and top mounting options, you can attach your hydraulic hammer in a way that suits your needs. Diversify abilities even further with varying hammer tools that offer different piston diameters and masses. With these adjusted qualities, you can strengthen hammer blows for tougher materials.

Add a silencer to your hammer attachment to reduce the noise created by your work. This option is ideal when you’re working in residential areas. Whether you need a skid steer hammer attachment or a hydraulic hammer for your excavator, we have you covered.

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9. Tiltrotators

Looking for a way to easily maneuver your excavator around obstacles in your work area? Look no further than Cat® Tiltrotators! These powerful tools provide 360-degree rotation and 40-degree tilting action side-to-side, allowing you to reach more work areas from a single position.

With the ability to easily maneuver around posts, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as reach along ditch edges more easily, Cat® Tiltrotators are the perfect solution for any job site. Say goodbye to the hassle of repositioning your machine and get more done with Cat® Tiltrotators today!

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Benefits of Renting or Buying Attachments

The Benefits of Renting or Buying Attachments

Companies and individuals regularly benefit from buying or renting attachments for their fleet’s machinery. Attachments can assist with speeding up a project’s timelines and providing your company with cost-effective options. Additionally, Cat attachments come with the backing of a global network, feature advanced technologies, and maximize your machine’s performance.

Below are some top benefits of renting or buying Cat attachments:

1. Offers Cost-Effectiveness

Renting attachments allow you to save money on costs, especially if you already have a compatible machine. Instead of renting a full machine, you can get the attachment that performs the same function for significantly less money. For short-term jobs, you can rent an attachment to quickly complete a relevant task for less money than a full machine rental.

Purchasing an attachment can also save you money, as you won’t have to invest in a full machine. If you already own machines compatible with the attachments you need to complete a job, it’s usually more cost-effective to purchase an attachment instead of a full machine. Buying an attachment is also a great decision if your compatible machines aren’t always employed for other tasks and can be utilized more often by adding attachments to them.

2. Speeds up Your Projects


Alongside saving on costs, it can sometimes be more practical to rent or buy an attachment than a full machine. If you don’t already own a machine that can perform a key function, you’d need to rent or buy the full machinery to complete a job. Financing the machine, choosing whether to rent or buy it, and having it transported to your work site can take a significant amount of time.

If you’re on a time-crunch, renting or buying attachments lets you quickly perform a needed function. Procuring attachments is usually much faster than receiving a full machine, allowing you to start work more quickly as long as you have compatible equipment available. As a result, the ability to receive attachments quickly can reduce a project’s downtime.

3. Is Backed by a Global Dealer Network

When you choose Cat attachments, you know they’ll be durable and deliver exceptional performance. With dealerships spanning all across the world, you can always find equipment, parts, and services matching your needs. For example, Thompson Tractor, an individual Cat dealer, provides clients within Alabama and Northwest Florida with high-quality Cat parts and services. If you rent or purchase a Cat attachment from Thompson Tractor, you can feel confident in its quality, as we are backed by a global network.

4. Maximizes Your Machine’s Performance

Cat attachments are the optimal choice for many companies looking to get the most out of their machines. Since Caterpillar offers several attachments compatible with multiple types of machines, from dozers and skid steers to loaders and excavators, companies can outfit their current machinery with new capabilities easily.

Companies often don’t want to expand their fleets, as large fleets can lead to higher maintenance and repair costs. Businesses may also encounter more expenses due to signing up for payment plans and renting storage areas. While a large fleet can be perfect for some companies, others can only run a small fleet but still need some versatility to handle their jobs. By buying or renting attachments, a smaller fleet can maximize its performance with the increased flexibility that attachments deliver.

5. Features Advanced Technologies

Cat attachments feature the latest technologies on the market today. Caterpillar continuously improves these technologies to provide your team with greater safety, performance, and data. All these features enhance your equipment’s capabilities, making it more efficient. You can expect to see reduced project times and greater client satisfaction when you utilize these attachments.

Cat Loader with Trenching attachment

Add Cat® CCE Attachments to Your Fleet

With the incredible variety and exceptional benefits of adding attachments to your fleet, you may be interested in renting or buying them. At Thompson Tractor, we have a wide selection of new and used Cat attachments available for our clients to choose from, such as used dozer attachments or used skid steer attachments for sale.

Alongside our attachment options, we also rent and sell machinery. For instance, you can find everything from a Cat wheel loader to a Cat telehandler for sale on our site. Additionally, we offer usednew, and rental equipment to make it easy for you to find the perfect machine for your project’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our clients, taking the time to understand their businesses and needs. Our clients love the in-depth level of support and timely service we provide, whether it be facilitating a purchase or making a repair. If you’re ready to rent or buy key attachments, find your local dealer today to discuss your options. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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