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Cat® Hoses – Repairs, Replacements & Custom Builds

Thompson Tractor is your expert for Cat hoses for your equipment. We provide quality service, expertise, and advice while helping you care for your equipment and parts. If you’re in Alabama or northern Florida, trust us for hose replacements, custom builds, and service and repair work.

Our Hydraulic Hose Services

  • Cat hoses are available for all makes and models of equipment, with 40+ hose types and more than 3000 coupling options, with market-leading parts availability. Caterpillar couplings cover 96% of common industry fittings.
  • Cat hoses exceed the SAE pressure impulse test requirement by 100%. XT hose is made in the USA and impulse tested up to 1,000 cycles to ensure long hose life.
  • Cat hoses also have one half of the SAE bend radius. With more flexibility and requiring less bend force, it’s easier to install and offers improved performance in flexing applications.
  • Abrasion resistant hose covers are available, including ToughGuard™ for the harshest operating conditions.
  • Caterpillar is the only OEM to make its own hoses and has been doing so for more than 50 years.
  • Stringent quality and contamination control processes ensure high-quality components.
  • Cat dealer technicians are uniquely skilled to assemble and install hose and coupling products on almost all brands of equipment, using the latest tooling, assembly instructions, routing standards, inspection techniques and contamination control processes.
  • Cat hoses are available through dealer locations, assembled by qualified hose experts at branch locations and delivered quickly.

With our prompt response time and vast inventory of quality hoses and fitments, you can trust us to help you find the perfect hydraulic hose solution for your equipment. If we don’t have the right hose in stock, we provide custom hose manufacturing services to meet your specific needs. Our unbeatable expertise paired with rugged designs and lasting solutions means we can serve as your trusted partner.

Cat® Hose Replacements

A durable, long-lasting hose increases your machine’s life span and performance. Authentic Cat parts fit perfectly and deliver the high-quality function the brand is known for.

We offer low, medium and high-pressure hoses in various styles and sizes to fit a range of equipment. Our hoses work with engines, air brake lines, and heating and cooling systems. All our hoses also meet or exceed Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 100R standards, so you get the best quality possible.

Our hoses are coated with a protective polyethylene cover and tested for endurance. Plus, couplings create a lasting connection that’s resistant to wear.

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When to Replace Cat Equipment Hoses

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Changing hoses on Cat equipment increases performance and maintains your machine’s condition over time. Though you may not know precisely when to replace parts, there are warning signs that can appear during regular inspections and maintenance.

Neglecting to replace a faulty hose can eventually lead to larger internal problems. Order a replacement from Thompson Tractor if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Crushed/twisted hose
  • Kicks
  • Abrasion
  • Cracking
  • Corrosion
  • Breaking
  • Visual signs of leaking

Establishing a schedule for regular inspections and maintenance allows you to get the most out of your parts. Trust Thompson Tractor with maintenance, repairs, and caring for your equipment and parts. When you call us, we’ll work on repairing your hose right away. If a repair isn’t possible, our team can provide a quality replacement from our inventory or Parts.Cat.com.

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Order Replacement Hoses at Thompson Tractor

Thompson Tractor is your local Cat dealer. With over 60 years of experience, we are proud to offer parts that keep your machines working so you can get more done. Whether you need a new air hose or replacement couplings, we can help you find the right product.

Parts.Cat.com makes finding a replacement Cat hose simple. With 24/7 access and next-day deliveries on a wide range of products, you can get started on your Cat hose replacement and hydraulics services in Alabama and northern Florida.

Contact Thompson Tractor to get started on repairs today.

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