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New wheel and track dozers from Caterpillar perform multiple earthmoving jobs in construction, agriculture, demolition, and road work. With a dozer, you'll be able to dig, ditch, move material, perform rough grading, and complete many other excavation tasks. As your Cat representative in Alabama and Northern Florida, Thompson Tractor sells a diverse and reliable inventory of these job site powerhouses.

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Wheel and Track Configurations

Our selection includes dozers with wheels and tracks appropriate for various applications and environments. Each configuration fits certain jobs best:

  • Wheel dozers: The tires on a wheel dozer allow for tighter maneuvering and put less pressure on sensitive surfaces. They operate at higher speeds than track dozers when moving on flat terrain.
  • Track dozers: Also known as crawler dozers, track dozers have superior traction to wheel dozers. Thanks to this advantage, they can cross uneven surfaces more effectively.

Blade and Winch Attachments

Cat dozers can fit blade or winch work tools to help you maximize your machine's utility. These attachments have different applications:

  • Blade attachments: The range of shapes and sizes available for dozer blades makes them suitable for plowing, pushing, and dozing numerous materials.
  • Winch attachments: By attaching a winch to the back of your dozer, you can haul materials and equipment for double utility.

track dozer on stone moundHow to Choose the Ideal Dozer for Your Project

You can optimize your return on investment by choosing a dozer geared toward your most common applications. Consider these factors when buying a new dozer:

  • Job site conditions: Your typical job site's terrain and layout will impact how a dozer maneuvers. When choosing a dozer size, you'll need to balance your maneuverability requirements with your average working load. You'll also want to consider the sensitivity and grade of the land you'll need to cross.
  • Applications: When you combine the right dozer specifications and attachment, you can maximize your efficiency on the job. As a general rule of thumb, more aggressive applications need higher traction and power.
  • Material type: The weight and density of the material you work with will influence your ideal dozer requirements. Remember to research the right blade attachments for your material.

The Thompson Tractor Advantage

When you choose Thompson Tractor as your Cat dozer supplier, you'll appreciate these unique advantages:

  • Intelligent technology: With solutions like ProductLink™ and VisionLink®, you can monitor your dozer's condition and find ways to enhance its performance.
  • Grade solutions: Cat dozers feature robust grade control features to help you meet your target grade more accurately and quickly. Their integrated grade technologies adjust the blade and hydraulics to suit your slope requirements.
  • Technical support: Before, during, and after the sale, you'll get expert guidance from our sales representatives. We can explain each dozer's capabilities and provide ongoing technical support after your purchase.

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