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Compact and Heavy Construction Service and Maintenance

Besides meeting all your equipment sales needs in Alabama and northwest Florida, Thompson Tractor can help keep your fleet on the job and functioning well. Our team of professional technicians can conduct an assortment of heavy equipment repair services and preventive maintenance tasks to optimize performance, increase longevity, and reduce your company’s operating costs.

We have over 500,000 square feet of service bays across our territory to ensure fast results for every project. We provide our techs with the knowledge, training, tools, and machinery to repair and maintain equipment from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers.

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Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Routine service is crucial for reducing the risk of damage and ensuring the equipment continues to perform to your expectations. Thompson Tractor offers various flexible and affordable preventive maintenance programs to make managing machine upkeep a convenient and streamlined process. We can service your equipment in our shop or at your location, depending on your needs. Whether you own one model or a large fleet, we’ll provide a customized maintenance solution that works for your business.

Our compact and heavy equipment service offerings also include repair work to restore your machines to peak operating condition. Our capabilities encompass minor projects you may lack the time or resources to complete in-house. We can also handle more extensive work involving engines, transmissions, and other complex components that require substantial expertise. Regardless of the task, you can count on our techs to do the job correctly and minimize unproductive downtime.

Heavy Equipment Rebuilds

If you have older machines with high operating hours, you can give them a second life with a rebuild instead of selling or trading them. The fully equipped Thompson Component Rebuild Center can restore your equipment to like-new condition, eliminating the need for a potentially costly replacement or upgrade.

Our industry-best Class A technicians will execute this comprehensive process, which includes disassembling, rebuilding, and testing most major components to restore their capabilities. These steps can consist of reconstructing the engine and transmission, rewiring electronics, testing and replacing vital fluids like oil and coolant, and repainting the machine.

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