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Repair Options

Cat Parts and Machine Repair Options

Thompson Tractor is proud to offer Repair Options for our customers. Every repair situation has its own unique set of circumstances. That’s why we think it’s important to have a range of options flexible enough to deliver exactly what you need. The result is reduced downtime, allowing you to quickly get back to work at the lowest possible cost.

Read more below about which repair option is best for you or contact your local product support representative for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why fix it if it's not broken?
  • It will fail at some point – and cost more to repair
  • Repairing early can save money down the road
We're too busy right now. production demands require us to keep the machine running.
  • Is current production more important than a future breakdown?
  • Failure down the road could have a negative impact on long-term production
Turnaround time is too long.
  • Repair after failure often takes a lot longer
Operators are not raising any red flags about machine problems.
  • Operators might not be aware
  • Machine performance degradation is often slow and goes unnoticed until it has lost up to 20% of productivity
  • Operators might not communicate potential issues in order to keep producing

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