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Rebuild Options

Cat® Certified Rebuild Program From Thompson Tractor

If your faithful Cat equipment has seen better days due to general wear and tear from thousands of hours of use, you could likely benefit from one of our Cat Certified Rebuilds. Through this program, we can rebuild single machine components or entire machines from the bottom up, providing cost-effective solutions for companies that rely extensively on their heavy-duty machinery.

The Thompson Tractor Cat Certified Rebuild team supports Alabama customers by taking equipment like D6R and D6T bulldozers and restoring them to their original capability — without the price tag associated with investing in new machinery. Our team of trained professionals specializes in taking a bulldozer near or at the end of its life cycle and breathing new life into it for a fraction of the cost of buying one new.

Maximize Your Return on Investment With a Cat Certified Rebuild

Make the absolute most of your Cat equipment by opting to rebuild a single assembly or the entire machine to suit your performance and safety needs. You can update your machine’s hydraulics, powertrain, engine, or everything at once. Each Cat machine is built for multiple lifetimes, and rebuilds can maintain all the favorite components of your existing machinery while adding new safety and engineering elements that will maximize safety and productivity on the job.

With a Cat equipment rebuild, you can:

  • Get the most out of your machine’s multiple lifetimes: Cat machinery is known for being built to be rebuilt. At Thompson Tractor, we use an extensive, highly sophisticated rebuild process conducted by trained professionals, which includes cleaning, disassembly, inspection, service updates, and installation of new and improved parts. We’re committed to our reputation for excellence, so we aren’t satisfied with your machine until you are.
  • Save money: Rebuilding your favorite machinery is cost-effective, and it boasts many of the advantages of buying new equipment. Benefit from part enhancements, upgraded features and technology, and same-as-new support and services from the experts at Thompson Tractor. We also offer financing solutions for your Alabama equipment rebuild with Cat Financial.
  • Extend the life of your best machine: Some of your equipment’s features may be outdated or less effective than they once were. Benefit from part upgrades on the preexisting features you love about your current machinery while updating technology to maximize productivity, output, and safety — like adding LED lights for energy conservation or rear-end cameras for better reverse visibility. Rebuilt Cat equipment also tends to have a higher resale value than machines lacking updated technology.
  • Benefit from a new warranty: Our Cat Certified Rebuild options keep your machine running better for longer. We offer a three-year warranty and a 5,000-hour Extended Protection Plan on all of our rebuilds. Choose from our Certified Powertrain Rebuild or Certified Powertrain Hydraulics Rebuild options for your D6R and D6T bulldozers.

Tuscaloosa Branch D11 Rebuild

Experience the D11 Cat  Rebuild at Thompson Tractor’s Tuscaloosa Branch! Prepare for an in-depth look at this extensive restoration project. From disassembly to reassembly, witness the revitalization of this D11 Cat. Ready to breathe new life into your equipment? Reach out to us today and let’s discuss your rebuild needs. Whether it’s a Caterpillar D11 or any other machinery, our experts at Thompson Tractor are here to help. Click Here to get started today!

Heavy Equipment Rebuilds From the Experts at Thompson Tractor

Maximize the efficiency, serviceability, and safety of your existing Cat construction equipment with our Certified Powertrain Rebuild or Certified Powertrain Hydraulics Rebuild option.

Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild

Thompson Tractor’s Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild package offers:

  • Machine cleaning and inspection
  • Installation of new powertrain parts
  • Reconditioning of the engine, torque converter, transmission and oil pump, final drives, differential steering and brake groups, differential steering motor and pump, brake control valve, radiator and hardnose, and the hydraulic fan motor and pump
  • Replacement powertrain/drivetrain electrical components, steering, fan, engine hoses, lines, and mufflers
  • Installation of Cat Product Link™ remote monitoring and management equipment
  • A full service on the machine
  • Comprehensive performance and software testing
  • A three-year warranty
  • An additional 5,000-hour Extended Protection Plan
Cat Certified Powertrain Hydraulics Rebuild 

The Certified Powertrain Hydraulics Rebuild includes all of the services in the Certified Powertrain Rebuild, plus:

  • Installation of new hydraulic components
  • Replacement of all hydraulic hoses and lines, pilot oil accumulator, and gasket/reseal hydraulic tank
  • Reconditioning of the hydraulic control valve, steering valve, implement pump, and brake cylinders
Cat Equipment Rebuild Add-ons 

Add-ons to your Powertrain or Powertrain Hydraulics Rebuild can include:

  • Repairs on equalizer bars, blade, undercarriage, and air conditioner systems
  • Undercarriage and main machine wiring harness replacement
  • Installation of seatbelt safety and LED light systems
  • Operator cab refreshment
  • Pin and bushing rotations
  • Ripper/winch/etc. reconditioning
  • Sandblasting, painting, and decal application
  • Financing solutions
Cat Reman

Affordable, Accessible Products That Perform Like New

What’s the Cat® Reman difference? Is it the cost-effective performance? Is it the rigorous and sustainable remanufacturing process? Is it the drop-in solutions across various industries? Well, it’s all of the above.

A remanufactured Caterpillar product is not a rebuild. Nor is it a refurbished or reconditioned part. It’s Cat Reman. 

Invest in Your Alabama Equipment Rebuild With Thompson Tractor

What sets the Cat Certified Rebuild program apart? Cat rebuilds are comprehensive, and they involve stringent quality control by professionals who are up to date on the latest technical and engineering information for your equipment. With your rebuild, you can expect:

  • Thorough evaluations: Our comprehensive machine rebuilds include more than 350 inspections and tests.
  • Automatic replacements for out-of-date parts: If a part no longer meets strict reusability guidelines, we replace it automatically. That could amount to 7,000 parts per rebuild!
  • Reconditioning work: We recondition frames and replace electronic control modules and wiring harnesses that most equipment overhauls would leave as is.
  • Performance testing: We test turbocharger boost, throttle response, stall speed RPM, pilot relief valve pressure, and more.
  • A Rebuild Identification Number: Once your machine is rebuilt, we assign it a new Rebuild Identification Number that serves as a brand-new identity for your like-new rebuild.

Trust the Reliable Equipment Rebuilders in Alabama and Northwest Florida and Contact Thompson Tractor Today!

At Thompson Tractor, our mission to create and add value to your life and business is what drives us forward. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence and exceptional customer service, so we focus our efforts on building strong relationships with our customers. We serve clients in industries ranging from construction to material handling — and we’ve been doing so for more than 60 years — so we have the experience to help you succeed.

We offer the resources and cost-effective solutions you need to create an efficient, productive, and safe working environment for your team, complete with compliant and reliably functioning equipment. Partner with Thompson Tractor for your Alabama and Northwest Florida machine rebuilds to maximize your company’s output and profit. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote!

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