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Hydraulics Parts and Service

A properly maintained hydraulic system is critical to your equipment’s optimal performance, whether you’re operating a light-duty compact machine or a top-of-the-line excavator. Because hydraulic systems require precise calibrations and careful inspections, you need to partner with a company with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the best results. Thompson Tractor’s certified technicians have years of experience in repairing and rebuilding pumps, motors, cylinders, and hoses from all makes and models of heavy equipment.

We also offer the market’s most comprehensive parts selections between our online store and our dealerships across Alabama and northwest Florida.

Cat® Hydraulic Parts

At Thompson Tractor, we specialize in hydraulics repair and parts distribution for heavy equipment used in applications like construction, agriculture, mining, and forestry, including industry-leading machines from Caterpillar. Our team has extensive knowledge in the design, repair, sales, and service of all hydraulic system types and parts. We can support all your requirements quickly while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings From Caterpillar

Our quick response time and extensive parts inventory make us the area’s hydraulic hose and coupling service leader. We use more than 40 Cat hose types compatible with various equipment models and couplings that cover more than 96% of the most common industry fittings. If we don’t stock the exact hose you need, we can quickly manufacture one to the required specifications.

We use the latest technology, thorough inspection processes, and contamination control measures to ensure you get the performance you need.

Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic pumps and motors are critical for generating the vital functions of your machine, like moving, lifting, braking, or tuning. High-quality parts and properly maintained hydraulic systems are mandatory for delivering peak performance in all these areas. Without a properly functioning hydraulic system, your machine will not perform effectively.

At Thompson Tractor, we strive to provide you with the parts and services you need with the highest safety and efficiency.

Cylinders and Rods

Hydraulic cylinders and rods deliver the maximum power and driving force to perform in the harshest conditions. These components require proper care and maintenance to ensure your equipment functions optimally. Thompson Tractor can provide the cylinder and rod service you need to maximize your equipment’s life span and productivity, from simple parts replacement to entire system rebuilds.

Our team will help you decide on the best service option to save you time and money while achieving peak productivity.

Emergency Hydraulic Hose Repair

When you’re in immediate need of an urgent hose repair, our technicians have you covered. To avoid equipment failure and safety risks, we recommend replacing your faulty hydraulic hose over attempting to repair it. Patching and other methods are quick fixes that lead to potential hazards. We’ll cut the proper diameter hose to the appropriate length and use the correct fittings using the most advanced tools.

After installation, we’ll check the finished build against Cat manufacturing standards with electronic calipers to ensure high performance. We can perform many of our repairs while you wait, allowing you to get back up and running in minutes.

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