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Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Heavy equipment relies on hydraulic systems to operate different components like the tracks on a backhoe or the bucket on a loader. When a hydraulic unit’s pump or motor becomes faulty, your job site operations and productivity can fall. When you’re in need of fast and reliable Cat® hydraulic parts, Thompson Tractor has what you need to keep your machines running, including.

Learn more about replacement Cat hydraulic pumps and motors and the importance of a properly functioning system.

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The Role of Hydraulic Pumps and Motors in Heavy Equipment

A Cat hydraulic system is a fluid-based operation that drives the lifting parts of your heavy equipment. For example, when an operator slightly moves the machine’s joystick in any direction, the hydraulic unit moves attachments like buckets, backhoes, and augers. Hydraulic pumps and motors create enough force and power to operate different lifting parts and even the brakes on certain machines.

Your equipment’s engine drives the hydraulic pumps to transfer fluid through various control valves to the equipment’s actuator. From there, these actuators become pressurized in accordance with the amount of resistance. Pressurized fluid, usually in the form of oil, is forced from one point to another to create motion. The pressure exerted from the oil that moves from one area to the next moves a piston, which moves whatever part it’s linked to.

The Importance of Properly Functioning Hydraulic Parts

Heavy equipment, whether it’s a tracked skid steer loader or a dump truck, fully relies on the hydraulic system to operate at optimum levels. The whole system increases the output of work a machine can perform, helping you complete tasks that would otherwise take days or weeks if performed solely through manpower. Hydraulics have a higher power to force ratio, meaning the force your operators put onto a joystick or other device is minimal compared to the output that can move several thousand pounds.

Cat hydraulic pumps and motors create versatile systems that can operate in multiple directions, giving a single machine many operations, such as lifting, moving, turning, or braking.

Each unit needs a closed and contaminant-free system for reliable operations, so immediate repairs or replacements are vital if your Cat hydraulic motor or pump has a faulty operation, undergoes excessive heat, has poor oil flow, makes odd noises, or reads incorrect pressures. Without a properly functioning hydraulic system, your equipment won’t operate effectively.

We know that safety, uptime, and costs are at the forefront of any heavy equipment operation. Sourcing high-quality hydraulic parts can have a significant effect on your company’s bottom line. Thompson Tractor is here to support you in maximizing your fleet’s uptime while controlling the costs of daily operations.

Types of Hydraulic Parts

Thompson Tractor is here for your entire fleet of heavy machinery, whether you have dozers, excavators, and backhoes, or need grader, wheel loader, or Cat skid steer hydraulic parts. After our solutions are designed and manufactured to fit your Cat equipment, each is tested to meet Caterpillar performance requirements. This ensures Cat equipment meets reliability, productivity, durability, and operating costs requirements.

The following are types of Cat hydraulic parts you may need for your fleet:

Types of Hydraulic Parts

1. Axial and Radial Pistons

Hydraulic piston pumps are what create pressure to push the liquid within a system. Powered by the hydraulic drive, these pistons distribute the energy created by the pressure, causing the fluid cylinder to become pressurized.

An axial piston pump pushes the fluid in a spiral motion like a propeller, while a radial piston generates high pressure by pushing the fluid outward. We offer and can service Cat hydraulic piston pumps.

2. Fluid End

A fluid end’s purpose is to produce a steady pressure of fluid when required by the hydraulic system. They are most subject to stress from the high-pressure environment, so it’s important to maintain, repair, and replace fluid end parts as necessary.

3. Gear

hydraulic gear pump mechanically delivers a smooth flow of fluid in relation to the speed of the system’s gears. By closing in a fixed volume of fluid, it uses a cyclic pumping movement. A gear pump is a positive displacement pump. We offer Cat hydraulic gear pumps and can perform various services for them.

4. Vane

Vane pumps are like a combination of piston and gear pumps. While they have a limited pressure rating, they operate at a lower pulsation to reduce noise levels.

Electronic controls within the hydraulic pumps and motors allow you to switch between three modes — pressure control, load sense, and flow control. The rugged designs of our piston, fluid end, gear, and vane parts deliver excellent performance and extended life in your heavy equipment operations.

Trusting Your Local Provider

We’re not here to just sell you parts. As a Cat dealer, Thompson Tractor’s goal is to support your bottom line while controlling costs and boosting machine uptime. Some of the benefits you can receive when working with Thompson Tractor in Northwestern Florida or Alabama include:

  • Caterpillar parts reuse guidelines: We don’t replace parts for the money, we replace parts only when necessary to help you contain costs and understand the value behind your Cat equipment.
  • Comprehensive repair options: An increased amount of choices, like Cat Reman Products and Cat Classic pumps, means you don’t have to wait for repairs, which in turn minimizes machine downtime.
  • Controlled contamination: Having a controlled system keeps our hydraulic parts operating at top efficiency.
  • Performance testing: We test each pump and motor before handing it over to ensure they meet factory specifications.
  • Trained technicians: We have the expertise and tools to diagnose your equipment’s issues, then resolve the problem quickly with the proper parts.
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Find Hydraulic Parts Solutions in Alabama and Northwestern Florida at Thompson Tractor

We strive to keep your fleet running at maximum performance to increase the investment and value of your machinery. We take pride in partnering with professionals like you. As a full-line Cat dealer that provides sales, parts, services, rentals, technology, fluids analysis, and power solutions, we are your one-stop shop for hydraulic pumps, motors, and everything in between.

We’ve been an industry leader for more than 60 years while maintaining our local customer service. Thompson Tractor knows your needs and is here to help your bottom line with the hydraulic parts you need.

Order deliverable solutions onlinecontact us, or visit your local Thompson Tractor branch today for immediate parts. If a local branch doesn’t have the part on hand, they can help you order online or will point you to the right location.

Find hydraulic parts solutions in Alabama and Northwestern Florida.

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