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Training and execution have been the focus of Safety at Thompson Tractor Co. for the majority of 2021. In January, we provided MSHA annual refresher training to 480 technicians. From this, we learned that basic crane and rigging training was badly needed so we put together a class in which 502 technicians and parts personnel attended. Understanding how weight, angles, and rigging methods affect the lifting capacity is a critical part of making a safe and successful lift. The execution of this training has proven to be well worth the two and a half months invested as individual employees now feel empowered to inspect overhead cranes and rigging prior to using,  discard unsuitable rigging when necessary, and how to rig items correctly.

In addition to all of this, to further protect our employees and the general public,  Thompson Tractor chose Smith Systems Driver Training to assist us in training over 650 employees in which driving is a normal part of their job description.

Finally, we have implemented My Momentum as our EHS management system. This allows for more visibility and transparency of inspections, action items, incident reporting, and our overall Safety Measurement Success. The My Momentum Dashboard allows for not only a quick overall look at the “numbers” but the ability to drill down into specific items with a simple click of the mouse. Thompson Tractor is fully committed to employee and customer safety and we will continue to look for new opportunities to provide a safe working environment for everyone.

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