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VisionLink by Thompson Cat

Gather data generated by your assets and serves it up to you in easy-to-digest bites. Review the data, get the full picture of your fleet, including location, health and productivity insights and make more informed decisions about your jobsite. Up-to-the-minute, accurate information helps you make more informed decisions, based on your subscription level.

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VisionLink allows you to quickly and easily view all of your equipment, regardless of make, in a secure web-based application. Information from your equipment allows insight into the operation, health and productivity of your fleet. Your engine will provide working and idle hours, fuel consumption, start and stop times, and more while event and diagnostic codes are provided from a variety of electronically controlled systems. VisionLink also allows additional features for Cat equipment through integration to other Caterpillar data and applications. for online parts ordering and SOS Services for fluid analysis results complement VisionLink features to facilitate comprehensive equipment management.

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Increase Production

  • Improve utilization by knowing if, when, where and how every asset is being used.
  • Bid and schedule projects more accurately.
  • Manage your entire jobsite via one interface.

Control Costs

  • Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn.
  • Eliminate assets that aren’t earning their keep.
  • Manage service to avoid downtime.

Improve Operator Performance

  • Improve operator performance to identify training opportunities.
  • Compare individuals’ productivity and idle time numbers to motivate improvement.

Run a Safe Operation

  • Know when unsafe actions occur, even when you’re not there.
  • Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training opportunities.

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities with VisionLink

Get to know more about VisionLink’s three task-focused applications:

  • Unified Fleet: Manage fleet location and ensure assets are fueled and operating
  • Unified Service: Manage equipment health, plan downtime for maintenance and ensure inspections are documented
  • Unified Productivity: Ensure machines are being operated at optimum efficiency. Measure and track payloads and volume

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