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Thompson Tractor carries several wheel loaders for sale. Each piece of equipment has features that set it apart from other machines in the industry. Whatever your company's needs are, Caterpillar produces a wheel loader that can help you achieve your goals. One of the most important considerations involved in choosing a front loader is its size — your facility or job site and the tasks included in your crew's daily operations will determine which Cat® front loader model is best for you.

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Our selection of new Cat wheel loaders includes machines in four categories:

Compact Cat Wheel Loaders

Compact Cat front loaders have innovative technology that performs tasks efficiently. Versatility and operator-friendly features make compact wheel loaders a great option for many jobs. With their proven fuel efficiency and durability, these machines can even reduce your operating costs.

Compact wheel loaders offer impressive visibility, which makes them useful in smaller dumping applications. Crews on landscape supply or scrap recycling job sites can benefit immensely from using these machines in their daily work.

Small Cat Wheel Loaders

Small Cat front loaders have fast cycle times that let operators move more material during the workday. These models offer your operators superior performance. Small wheel loaders are indispensable to many job sites. They operate quietly and have intuitive controls and modes that help you focus on productivity, minimize fuel consumption, and lower hydraulic cycle times.

Machines in this size class are compatible with several applications. This category includes aggregate handlers and waste handlers that can move unwieldy materials with efficiency.

Medium Cat Wheel Loaders

This category highlights machines with operator-friendly controls and spacious cabs to create a comfortable working environment and promote productivity. Medium wheel loaders are purpose-built for versatility, durability, and reliability. Each machine comes equipped with a capable, fuel-efficient engine that powers your crew's progress.

Among other operations, medium Cat front loaders have applications in stockpiling, truck loading, material handling, and general construction.

Large Cat Wheel Loaders

A large Cat front loader offers multiple advantages. These models improve worksite productivity by transporting more material, and they have long uptimes between service cycles. Caterpillar designs equipment to promote operator comfort and intuitively cater to their needs. Additionally, each large model has innovative safety features that protect the people on your job site.

Large wheel loaders are the standard for material handling machines. Job sites that require moving substantial loads — such as steel mills and mill yards — can reap tremendous benefit from adding a large front loader to their fleet.

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The size class and model you choose changes the accessories available to you. Whether you buy a compact wheel loader or a large front loader, it pays to make your purchase at a licensed dealership. When you buy your heavy equipment from a trusted dealer like Thompson Tractor, you form a long-term partnership that supports you for the life of your new machine.

Thompson Tractor Company is proud to serve clients throughout Alabama and northwest Florida. We've been building relationships for over 60 years, and we always deliver on our promises. Get a quote on any of our Cat front loaders today when you contact us online or by phone at 833-394-8059.

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