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Value of Water Campaign

Caterpillar Value of Water Campaign

This past year Thompson Tractor Company celebrated 60 years of business. As part of this celebration, we took the opportunity to raise awareness of the global impact of the value of water. We decided to join forces with the Caterpillar Foundation and their campaign Value of Water.

We celebrated our 60th Anniversary with a party at each of our locations in Alabama, Georgia and Northwest Florida. At each party, we created a “water challenge” activity to raise awareness of the global impact of the value of water and create donations to this cause. For every employee who participated in our water challenge activity, $60 was donated in their name to Charity Water by the Thompson Foundation. Together, we were able to raise $27,300!

Thompson Tractor and its employees are thankful for the opportunity to be able to not only raise awareness to such a global issue, but to be able to join forces for the greater good.

To learn more about Charity Water and Caterpillar’s Campaign Value of Water, click HERE.

If you would like to participate in donating, you can do so HERE.


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