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Road Widener

Road Widener in Alabama and Florida

We know that road construction involves long, strenuous days with multiple machines, large crews and long traffic lines. Finding an equipment solution that optimizes both efficiency and safety is critical to protecting profitability of your company and the well-being of your team. We’re proud to offer the innovative line of Road Widener equipment to enhance efficiency in shouldering, paving and compacting all while protecting the safety of your crew.

Why Choose Road Widener?

The Road Widener lineup is focused on two attachments: the FH-R and the Offset Vibratory Roller. The FH-R, a shouldering and side paving attachment, seamlessly hooks up to the equipment you already have — from skid steers and compact track loaders to graders. The FH-R precisely dispenses aggregate on roadways and shoulders without the need for large crews and multiple machines. The Offset Vibratory Roller, a compaction attachment with an offset arm and drum, allows operators to drive on flat ground while compacting sloping shoulders. This eliminates the dangerous tilting experienced when compacting slopes with a self-propelled roller. The compact design and remote-controlled operation of both attachments increases efficiency, decreases traffic interference and makes for a safer work site.

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Thompson Tractor & Thompson Rents has been building professional relationships for more than 60 years. We serve businesses and homeowners throughout Alabama and Florida, helping them find the perfect new and used equipment for their unique needs. As a local dealer with a trusted reputation, Thompson Tractor & Thompson Rents has the region-specific knowledge and experience to provide you with the very best products and support services.

Visit us at one of our many convenient locations in Alabama and Florida, and our friendly team of experts will be happy to show you our inventory and answer any questions you have.

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