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Cat® Asphalt Pavers for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, we have the paving machines you need for your next job. As the exclusive dealer for Cat asphalt paving equipment in Alabama and Northern Florida, we offer dedicated support and dependable machines. You can count on our solutions to maximize your return on investment and help you get the job done.

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New Wheel Pavers, Track Pavers, and Screeds From Caterpillar

We sell paving equipment for a variety of applications, including the following machines:

  • Wheel pavers: Cat wheel pavers maneuver well on flat surfaces like existing roads where you don't need to consider traction. They also have faster roading speeds than their track counterparts.
  • Track and Mobil-Trac asphalt pavers: The added traction of a track paver allows it to cross rough terrain and hills. Mobil-Trac asphalt pavers from Caterpillar feature an undercarriage designed for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Screeds: Our collection of paver screeds includes vibratory and tamper bar options. Vibratory screeds provide higher speeds, while a tamper bar screed creates a higher initial density.

asphalt paver being used on the roadAdvantages of Cat Asphalt Paving Machines

When you buy a new Cat asphalt paver from Thompson Tractor, you'll benefit from the high-quality equipment, features, and support that Caterpillar is known for.

Designed With You in Mind

Cat paving machines help you optimize your return on investment through these benefits:

  • Modular design: Cat equipment is designed with modular parts, so you can get a longer working life out of them through component replacement.
  • Fuel and resource efficiency: Smart features like engine Eco-Mode and auto-fill feeder systems help you save on fuel and asphalt materials.
  • Versatile options for different applications: We offer a variety of equipment sizes and configurations to provide the best choice for your project.
Features for Operator Comfort and Control

Our equipment keeps your operators' needs in mind with features such as:

  • Improved operator comfort: Water-resistant displays and fume redirection help the operator stay focused and comfortable.
  • Better machine control: Our screeds and pavers allow for even heat distribution and higher mat quality through optimized controls.
  • Integrated grade control: Cat grade control features calibrate asphalt distribution based on height and slope.
Worldwide Support

You can request ongoing support from our team, including the following services:

  • Repairs and service: We have a comprehensive maintenance fleet and shop ready to offer service wherever you need it. Our technicians can perform repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Vast selection of parts: As part of the Cat dealer network, we have access to both our inventory of parts and the entire online catalog for the United States.
  • SOS fluid analysis: With SOS fluid analysis, you can have our experts analyze your machine's fluids on a chemical level and provide an actionable report.

Applications of Cat Asphalt Paving Equipment

You can find Cat paving machines used in any industry that builds roads and lots, including:

  • Commercial construction
  • Municipalities
  • Aerospace and transport

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