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Off-Highway Trucks

Off-Highway Trucks

Cat® off-highway dump trucks have a variety of features for maximum productivity, including:

  • Speed: The top speeds of Cat G-Series off-highway trucks range from 41.6 mph to 49.2 mph when fully loaded, letting you move from one place to another quickly.
  • Traction Control System (TCS): An optional feature on some models in the series, the improved TCS provides better braking and direction control that reduces wear on the tires and other crucial components.
  • Operator comfort: A comfortable cab is essential for getting through each day on the job. The G-Series off-highway trucks include temperature control, air suspension, noise reduction technology, and many other high-quality details.
  • Fuel efficiency: G-Series trucks offer operating features such as engine power monitoring and speed limiting to keep the truck moving at its most efficient speed. These trucks adapt to your needs — not the other way around.

Mining Trucks

We have Cat mining trucks for sale that offer valuable efficiency features and proven designs to haul your heaviest loads:

  • Optimized payload: Boulders, dirt, and other debris are no match for Cat mining trucks. Their robust frames can handle up to 400 tons.
  • Speed: These trucks unite speed, capability, and payload capacity, traveling at up to 42 mph and traversing graded surfaces and rough terrain with ease.
  • Fuel efficiency: Cat mining dump trucks provide benefits on all levels — including fuel efficiency. Even with 4,000 horsepower, you'll still get optimal fuel burn.

Thompson Tractor Service Benefits

At Thompson Tractor, we are committed to sustainability and helping you source the right equipment to get your job done right. Partnering with us means you get:

  • An effortless buying experience: Not sure what equipment you require for the job? Let us know what you need to accomplish and we'll make sure you get the equipment that's right for you.
  • Local expertise: Alabama and northern Florida possess unique terrain, weather, and other elements. Our local expertise means we know what equipment will work best for your job site's specific conditions.
  • Financing and service options: We understand that buying a large piece of equipment outright may not be in every business's budget. Our financing options make it easier for you to secure the resources you need right away. We can also provide the service your equipment needs to keep operating at peak efficiency.

Buy Cat Mining and Off-Highway Trucks at Thompson Tractor

When you're ready to buy a truck, the team at Thompson Tractor is ready to help. Request a quote for our Cat off-highway and mining trucks or contact us for more information.

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