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Are you looking to buy a Cat mining truck? We split our inventory up into the different series that Caterpillar offers, each of which has a different type of vehicle ranging from weights of less than 200,000 pounds to over 500 tons. Here's how our collection of mining trucks for sale stack up:

  • G Series: The G-Series is the most expansive series of Cat off-highway trucks. This series offers exceptionally efficient performance for a lower owning and operating cost and high productivity. Some trucks, like the 770G and 772G, have new transmission controls for quick haul cycles and comfort. The G Series also meets robust safety standards with improved traction control, braking, and egress designs. Many of these trucks also feature sustainable builds, with fewer emissions and lower sound levels for the operator.
  • D Series: The D Series consists of two trucks — the 785D, and the 789D. Both offer high-horsepower performance and place safety as a top priority, with high visibility and object detection systems as well as machine-level access. Another important factor is easy maintenance to support the reliability of your product. The 780D comes in several different truck bodies, like the Mine Specific Design, the Combination, Gateless Coal, and Dual Slope designs.
  • F Series: The F Series contains and the 793F, the 795F AC, and the 797F, three powerful new Cat mining trucks for sale that offer impressive payload capacities for added productivity and all the design features needed to safely and efficiently handle large loads. The 797F offers a 4,000-horsepower engine, a tough frame, and superior braking systems, while the 793F offers a class-leading empty weight and a long-lasting build. The 795F AC is an electric-drive truck with a payload of 372 tons.
  • AC Series: The last series of Cat off-highway trucks includes just one — the 794 AC. This powerful electric-drive truck has a payload of 320 tons, along with exceptional braking performance and easy maintenance. With improved productivity, this machine provides an excellent solution for an array of applications that need to move heavy loads quickly.

Whether your work involves some of the most heavy-duty mining work out there or a less demanding application, the right mining truck can save you money, improve productivity and make the job easier and safer for operators and everyone on-site.

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