Telehandlers are among the most versatile tools out there. You'll find them in use in warehouses, construction sites, agriculture, and a variety of other applications due to their ability to accommodate various attachments. But that means there are a lot of different options to choose from. We carry a wide selection of Cat® telehandlers for sale with a range of load capacities and maximum heights.

New Cat Telehandlers

Our inventory features some telehandlers designed for specific environments, like agriculture, while others come with features such as additional stabilizers for added security. Here's how the models stack up:

  • TH255C: The TH255C is a great telehandler for narrow and compact spaces in construction and agricultural environments. It is compatible with many different attachments for various applications. It has a maximum height of 18.37 feet and features the 74-horsepower (hp) TD 2.9L L4 engine.
  • TH3510D: Built for agriculture, the TH3510D is available in three different engine models — the 112-hp at 3.4B, the 124-hp C4.4 ACERT™, and the 142-hp C4.4 ACERT. For all engine models, this new ag telehandler has a 7,700-pound load capacity and a lift height of 32.1 feet.
  • TH357D: The TH357D is also designed for ag and has two engine options — the 111-hp Ct C3.4B and the 124-hp C4.4 ACERT. Its durable frame and powerful hydraulics provide a 23-foot maximum lift height and 7,700-pound maximum load capacity.
  • TH408D: Another agricultural engine, the TH408D has three options for engines, the 111-hp C3.4B, the 124-hp C4.4 ACERT, and the 142-hp C4.4 ACERT. All builds offer an 8,800-pound load capacity and a maximum height of 24.9 feet.
  • TH514D: The TH514D adds significant power and capacity, with a lift height of 45.6 feet and 11,000 pounds of load capacity. Along with all that power comes easy maintenance access and several features that allow the telehandler to cover tough terrain.
  • TL1055D: As the highest-reaching new Cat telehandler available, the TL1055D reaches 54.9 feet in lift height and has a load capacity of 10,000 pounds. It runs on the 142.1-hp Cat C4.4 ACERT and is a great choice for medium-weight applications.
  • TL1255D: This model of telehandler offers similar specs to the TL1055D but with a slight reduction in height down to 54.6 feet in lift height and a higher load capacity of 12,000 pounds.
  • TL642D: For a Cat telehandler with stabilizers, the TL642D is an exceptional all-purpose telehandler. It features a 100-hp C3.4B engine, a 6,500-pound load capacity, and 42 feet of lifting height. It offers maneuverability and speed and comes in an option without stabilizers as well.
  • TL934D: The TL934D is similar to the TL642D but with a higher load capacity of 9,000 pounds and an extra foot of lift height. It features the 111-hp Cat C3.4B engine and is available with stabilizers.

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Here at Thompson Tractors, we specialize in building relationships. We've been doing so for over 60 years. We have financing options, service and parts, and rentals available to ensure your purchase is a powerful addition to your business. Browse our new telehandlers for sale today and reach out to us online or at 833-394-8059 for more information.

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