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Wheel Tractor Scrapers

When your crew needs earthmoving equipment, a new Cat® wheel tractor-scraper is the perfect machine for the job. This machine has the speed, power, and traction to perform multiple on-site tasks. Cat scrapers can have single-engine or tandem-engine open bowls, and their additional options include tandem engine push-pulls and elevator arrangements. These features create reliable, efficient output regardless of the task at hand.

Thompson Tractor Company is a licensed Cat dealer, and we're proud to offer equipment from the industry leader. Good machines make a significant impact on our clients' daily operations. A new Cat tractor-scraper is a stellar example that can revolutionize how your crew completes your projects.

Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, we carry a range of wheel tractor-scrapers so you can choose the best model for you based on factors such as engine configurations, built-in safety features, and efficiency. As these machines are somewhat specialized, aspects like capacity, traveling speed, and flywheel power can also help you determine which model will fit your needs.

If you need assistance choosing which tractor-scraper to buy, the experts at Thompson Tractor are ready to discuss your application so you can make an informed decision.

The wheel tractor-scrapers we have for sale include:

Coal Bowl Scrapers

We sell the Cat 637K Coal Bowl Scraper. This model has a 50-cubic-yard heaped scraper capacity and extra safety features to protect your operators. Caterpillar redesigned the cab for this model and equipped it with ergonomic controls to create a comfortable and convenient work environment. APECS transmission controls and increased fuel efficiency make this model up to 12% more productive than the previous generation.

Open Bowl Scrapers

Thompson Tractor also offers various Cat open bowl wheel tractor-scrapers compatible with a vast range of materials. Cat open bowl scrapers have high travel speeds and fast cycle times, and they come in self-loading, push-pull, and push-loaded configurations. Your operators can load materials into these scrapers quickly for a reliable boost in productivity.

Open bowl scrapers deliver incredible results, including a low cost of operation per ton of material. Cat open bowl wheel tractor-scrapers perform well in many conditions, even those that are less than ideal. Your operators will enjoy the comfort, durability, and versatility that come with using one of these models.

Thompson Tractor Company Is Alabama and Northwest Florida's Cat Dealer

No matter which Cat wheel tractor-scraper you choose, buying your equipment from a reputable Cat dealer is crucial. We're the only dealer licensed to sell Cat heavy machinery in northwest Florida and throughout Alabama. When you buy your wheel tractor-scraper from us, you become a partner rather than just a customer. The team at Thompson Tractor Company has been building relationships with our clients for more than 60 years, and we offer some of the best support services in the industry.

Choose a Cat tractor-scraper from Thompson Tractor to see how that working relationship can help your company. You'll also enjoy advantages that come with making your purchase through a licensed dealer, including access to planned maintenance programs, repairs, and expert rebuilds. You can even enroll in a Total Maintenance and Repair Agreement to reduce operating costs over a set period.

Request a quote for a new Cat wheel tractor-scraper from Thompson Tractor today. You can also reach us by calling 833-394-8059 or find a location near you to see our inventory in person.

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