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Questions to Ask When Buying Used Equipment

Questions to Ask When Buying Used Equipment

Whether you’re buying equipment new or used, you want your purchase to meet your professional requirements and serve your operation for as long as possible.

Because buying used equipment is a big investment, it’s important to research the machines under consideration before making a final decision. To help you make the best choice for your business, here are 15 questions to ask when buying used heavy equipment.

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1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Asking how long your dealer has been operating gives you a sense of their place in your community and the depth of their heavy equipment knowledge.

2. Can You Connect Me With Contractors You've Worked With?

As in most industries, talking to past customers can give you valuable insight into what it’s like purchasing equipment from this source.

3. What Do You Know About the Machine's History?

When considering a specific piece of equipment, it’s wise to ask about the machine’s age, previous owners, and major repairs.

4. Who Owns This Equipment?

Though you may assume the dealer is the owner of the equipment for sale, you should always check. A trustworthy dealer will tell you who owns the equipment and produce proof that it’s fully paid and not reported stolen.

5. How Many Operating Hours Does This Machine Have on It?

Knowing how many hours of operation the equipment has seen can help you determine its remaining life span.

6. How Does This Machine Compare to a Newer Model?

If you’re buying a machine that is several years old, you might want to ask how its features compare to a newer model. Technology changes quickly, so if you value being on the cutting-edge, you might want to take the equipment’s age into account.

7. Have You Inspected the Machine?

Ask your dealer to share the results of their initial used equipment inspection to save time during the shopping process.

8. Can I See the Machine's Maintenance and Service Logs?

Though some pieces of used equipment won’t come to the dealer with maintenance and service logs, it’s worth asking for them — a well-maintained machine can last longer and retain higher value than a poorly maintained one.

9. What Is the Machine's Capacity?

Before purchasing, you need to know that the machine will perform to your expectations.

10. Can I Take It for a Test Drive and Try It With Test Loads?

If you have experience with the type of equipment you’re purchasing, you know how it should handle when functioning properly.

11. Can You Estimate the Total Cost of Ownership?

Asking about the total cost of ownership can help you decide whether this piece of equipment is a realistic choice for your budget.

12. What Financing Options Do You Have Available?

Different construction equipment financing options could impact your purchasing decision.

13. Do You Offer Warranties?

Some used heavy equipment dealers, like Thompson Tractor, sell equipment with warranties, though warranties may vary from machine to machine.

14. Do You Offer Parts and Service for Purchased Equipment?

Getting parts and service from the business that sold you your equipment can save you time and stress.

15. Will This Machine Perform How I Need It To?

Ultimately, the most important question to ask when buying used heavy equipment is “Will this machine work for me?” Consider your budget, project requirements, and personal preferences when answering this question.

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