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AccuGrade™ Grade Control System

The AccuGrade™ Grade Control System improves grading accuracy and reduces the need for survey stakes.

When it comes to moving materials, speed, accuracy, and safety are primary considerations. It becomes more difficult to meet these challenges when working on slopes or uneven surfaces. The revolutionary AccuGrade™ Grade Control System, available from Thompson Tractor, will allow your Cat® equipment operators to maintain a consistent grade in even the most demanding work environments. Construction managers will improve efficiency and experience more successful project outcomes no matter where the job site is.

Get Access to a Host of Features Designed to Maximize Machine Control

The AccuGrade™ Grade Control System consists of a comprehensive suite of products featuring advanced GPS, ATS, sonic, cross slope, and laser technology that significantly enhance heavy machine grading accuracy:

  • AccuGrade® Laser: This tool uses advanced laser technology to enable track-type tractors and motor graders to increase grading accuracy and productivity at job sites such as athletic fields, parking lots, airport runways, and building pads.
  • Accugrade® Cross Slope: This technology enables motor grade operators to achieve greater control of surface cross slope when cutting or spreading materials by automatically maintaining the blade slope at the ideal position.
  • Accugrade® Sonic: This cutting-edge 2D technology for motor graders allows machine operators to precisely control surface elevation. Options include a Single Sonic System that provides automatic adjustments to one side of the blade and the Dual Sonic System that uses sonic sensors for elevation control on either side.
  • Accugrade® GPS: This 3D GPS technology for soil compactors, motor graders, excavators, and track-type tractors provides exceptional machine control at job sites containing contours. Machine operators can grade with increased accuracy without the need for survey stakes.
  • Accugrade® ATS: This dynamic 3D tracking system for track-type tractors and motor graders relies on an Advanced Tracking Sensor to monitor blade positioning. The active target technology automatically locks onto and tracks the desired target. The operator needs only to steer the machine to produce high-precision graded surfaces.

AccuGrade™ Heavy Machinery Guidance Systems Offer a Variety of Valuable Business Benefits

Deploying an AccuGrade™ Grade Control System with your heavy equipment can provide benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity: Fewer passes, fewer stops, and increased machine control will maximize your job site productivity.
  • Lowered operating costs: By increasing grading accuracy, AccuGrade™ can prevent the need for time-consuming “do-overs” that can increase project costs.
  • Expanded machine capacity: Your equipment will now be able to perform flawlessly on curves and contours without losing grade.
  • Faster blade recovery: The advanced grade control automatics allow operators to reach the target sooner and experience faster blade recovery times.
  • Optimized machine performance: With AccuGrade™, your operators can make quick on-the-fly adjustments to handle changes in materials or grading tasks. They’ll be able to keep grading without having to stop the machine or add attachments.

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