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Backhoe Loaders

Industrial Backhoe Loaders From Caterpillar

A Cat backhoe loader combines the capabilities of a tractor, loader, and backhoe into one machine. Because of their medium size, selection of work tools, and maneuverability, they make a great fit for:

  • Medium-scale construction
  • Farming
  • Material handling
  • Earthmoving
  • Excavation
  • Light to moderate demolition
  • Paving

Multiply Your Utility With Backhoe Work Tools

New backhoe loaders come standard with buckets on the backhoe and loader, and you can fit them with additional attachments for even more utility. Ask us about the work tools available for your model.

Backhoe Attachments

The backhoe component's boom helps you achieve more reach with attachments such as:

  • Material handling buckets
  • Rock buckets
  • Excavation and ditch cleaning buckets
  • Hammers and augers
  • Rippers
  • Cold planers
  • Vibratory plate compactors
  • Mechanical and hydraulic thumbs
  • Quick couplers
Loader Attachments

Equip the front loader with a work tool such as a:

  • General purpose bucket
  • Side dump bucket
  • Multi-purpose bucket
  • Pallet fork

backhoe loader sifting dirtAdvantages of New Backhoe Loaders From Caterpillar

When you choose a Cat backhoe loader, you'll get the benefits associated with the brand's engineering and client support. In addition to the versatility of a backhoe loader, you'll enjoy added advantages that only Caterpillar can deliver.

Versatile and Maneuverable

Cat backhoe loaders work well for moderate-duty jobs because of advantages like:

  • On-road maneuverability: A backhoe loader's four-wheel design makes it ideal for on-road transport, especially in projects that require you to move from site to site.
  • Attachments for a wide range of applications: Cat attachments can transform your backhoe loader into a multi-purpose powerhouse.
  • Boom reach: The boom will enable you to work on tighter and harder-to-reach areas than a machine with a larger, non-boom attachment.
Smart Design and Features

Caterpillar maximizes your return on investment with features such as:

  • Advanced hydraulics: Cat backhoe loaders have advanced hydraulic features such as load-sensing piston pumps that improve efficiency.
  • Robust power train: Every backhoe loader from Caterpillar features reliable engines and transmissions.
  • High serviceability: Modular parts and features like the Cat ProductLink™ system simplify inspections and maintenance.
Service and Support

Enjoy access to world-class support that includes these perks:

  • Ongoing repairs and maintenance: You can count on our technicians to provide the preventative maintenance and repairs you need to keep your fleet running.
  • SOS fluid analysis: With our SOS fluid analysis services, we'll evaluate your machine fluids in a laboratory and give you expert recommendations.
  • Credit and finance options: We can help you pay for your new Cat backhoe loader with finance solutions from Thompson Tractor and Caterpillar.


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