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Your local Thompson team is standing by with reliable rental equipment for any job you take on.  We’re committed to providing transparent rental rates and an unmatched selection of equipment from the brands you demand the most from.  Schedule a rental today online, or contact your local Thompson Rents representative to schedule a rental. With 14 branches throughout Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida, we are here to serve you.

A reliable source for rental equipment is essential for many businesses in Alabama and northwest Florida. Thompson Rents — The Cat Rental Store is there to provide fast, affordable solutions. We offer a broad assortment of low-hour machines and work tool attachments that can improve performance and increase efficiency at your job sites. As a full-service equipment provider, we’ll also support you throughout the rental process.

We fill any gaps in our extensive Cat fleet with machines and tools from other top manufacturers — you won’t have to look anywhere else to meet your equipment needs. Check out the product categories above to see what we have to offer through The Cat Rental Store.

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Your local Thompson Rents locations have the equipment and the expertise you need now.  See available equipment, together with daily, weekly and monthly rental rates below.

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