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Get a Free Cat T-Shirt From Thompson Tractor


Set Up A Account And Get A Free Cat® T-Shirt From Thompson Tractor

1. Establish your account on

2. Once you receive your notification email, go to and click on “QUICK ORDER”

3. Enter “1” in Quantity, and enter in one of the following product numbers based on your shirt size and color:


4. Enter a date in “REQUEST BY DATE”


6. Choose “PICK UP” or “DELIVERY” (Note: Pickup will be at your nearest Thompson Tractor Branch and Delivery will be to an address you indicate.)

7. For DELIVERY shipping method, choose “UPS GROUND” and click “CALCULATE FREIGHT”*

8. Scroll down to “PROMOTION CODE” and enter “TSHIRT2022”


10. Enter payment information*


*If you choose to have the shirt shipped direct, you will have to pay for shipping BUT Thompson Tractor will send you a gift card to reimburse you for shipping costs and taxes.


TERMS & CONDITIONS: Thompson Tractor reserves the right to substitute shirt colors in the event the chosen color is not available.

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