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Hydraulic Specials

Thompson Tractor will build your hose in 30 minutes or it’s free!

When you need a new hydraulic hose time is money and getting your machine back up and running is our top priority. That’s why until the end of the year, if we can’t build your hose in 30 minutes or less…..IT’S FREE. We stand behind our commitment to you!

Offer is good for 2 hose assemblies per day / or per invoice. H&C parts must be in stock at the dealer and available at that time of the sale. Customer must be within TTCO service territory. Qualifying hoses include permanent crimp coupling only. (Parts.Cat.Com) orders will start the 30 Minute Guarantee upon receipt of on-line order. Re-useable and HPCU hoses do not qualify.  Promotion is valid during normal business hours through December 31, 2024.


Save Now on Hydraulics!

For a limited time save 10% on Hydraulic houses, couplings, motors, pumps, cylinders, and rods! We don’t just give you the tools we help you use them, with our expertise in Cat components and applications, we can guide you in properly fine-tuning and optimizing the hydraulic pump and motor control settings. Our diagnostic reports can pinpoint problems and provide solutions. Save at the counter or on parts.cat.com!

*Offer valid until Dec 31, 2024. Cannot be combined with other offers. Discount applies to parts only. Offer applies to CI Customers only. NAT-HYD-3570.


10% Hydraulic Cylinder Repair ! Visit your local Thompson Tractor Branch today or email HydraulicRepair@ThompsonTractor.com

Parts only. Does not include labor. Offer Ends December 31, 2024

Damaged cylinders can lead to catastrophic failure and costly downtime and repairs.

Common effects of contamination can include: 

Cylinder Drift
Jerky Steering
Slower Performance
Erratic Operation
Shorter Service Intervals
Higher Operating Costs
Lost Productivity
Contaminated Fluid Systems
Shorten Component and Fluid Life
Reduce Productivity

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