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Cat® Compactors for Sale

At Thompson Tractor, we offer a full range of compactors to suit any compaction job. We sell five different types of compactors from Caterpillar® for landfill, paving, and soil applications in a variety of conditions. As your Cat dealer in Alabama and Northern Florida, we deliver unparalleled equipment and support.

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Choose the Right Compactor for the Job

With multiple types of Cat compactors to choose from, you can find the right fit for your next project. Select from these categories of compactors:

  • Soil compactors: Our soil compactors for sale have a tamping wheel tip design and operate at high speeds to maximize soil density. They work well for soil compaction jobs in construction related to site preparation.
  • Vibratory soil compactors: The addition of a vibratory system enables vibratory soil compactors to expand on standard soil compactor capabilities. Cat vibratory soil compactors deliver enhanced amplitude and automatic vibration for optimal performance.
  • Tandem vibratory rollers: In paving applications, tandem vibratory rollers use two vibratory drums to compact asphalt or concrete. A Cat tandem vibratory roller's easily adjustable controls allow the operator to achieve the appropriate compaction efficiency for the job. New utility compactors from Caterpillar offer these capabilities in a compact package.
  • Pneumatic rollers: Instead of a drum, pneumatic rollers feature two rows of rubber tires that use a rutting and counter-rutting motion for dense compaction. Pneumatic rollers from Caterpillar have oscillating front wheels and pickup prevention features to promote a smooth finish.
  • Landfill rollers: Our landfill compactors for sale combine a large-capacity front blade with compaction tires to move and condense waste. The wheel tips on a Cat landfill compactor have up to a 40% longer life than those on a competitor machine.

compactor moving through construction siteThe Benefits of Cat Compactors

When you choose a compactor from Caterpillar, you'll get world-class equipment and service from a legendary brand. From sale to site, the team at Thompson Tractor will help you get the most out of your investment.

Advanced Technology

Cat equipment features intelligent systems that make operation and maintenance more intuitive. Compactors from Caterpillar increase productivity through technologies like:

  • Cat Compaction Control: Many Cat compactor models feature Cat Compaction Control, a system that monitors pass patterns and temperature. These capabilities enable you to optimize drum overlap and avoid tender zones.
  • Cat Connect: With Cat Connect technology, you'll receive actionable insights into your fleet's operations. Cat Connect also includes features for grade control for more effective compactor operation.
Enhanced Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Every compactor design centers around reliability and efficiency. Popular features that maximize the output of Cat compactors include:

  • Engine Eco-Mode: Models that have Eco-Mode can reduce the engine's RPM during idling or operation to reduce fuel usage. Eco-Mode can also turn off the engine after a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Automatic speed control: Many Cat compactors enable you to set a maximum speed for operation that you can reach using the propel lever. By maintaining a consistent speed, you can also maintain consistent compaction.

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