Cat® Rotary Drills for Sale

As part of our family of surface mining equipment, we offer blasthole rotary drills for sale from Caterpillar®. Most of the world's surface mining equipment comes from Caterpillar because of its reputation for reliable, efficient solutions. When you buy a blasthole drill from Thompson Tractor, you'll get the quality and support associated with the Caterpillar name. You can count on us as your Cat dealer in Alabama and Northern Florida.

Hard Rock Blasthole Drills for Every Application

At Thompson Tractor, you'll find the blasthole drilling equipment you need in a convenient package, thanks to benefits such as:

  • Wide variety of sizes: We offer rotary drills in every size class, ranging from small to ultra. Choose the bit load that makes the most sense for your operations.
  • Consistent technologies: To optimize your drilling, each of these models has the same operating system and control configuration.
  • Simple maintenance: Cat rotary drills feature the same support and service protocols across models to make maintenance easy when you have more than one machine.
  • Similarities to other Cat equipment: If you have another type of Cat machine, you'll find that Cat rotary drills share parts and features with them. These commonalities will help you familiarize yourself with your new drill.

Customizable Features for Your Operations

Cat blasthole drills have a variety of custom features and equipment to meet your operational requirements. The optional and customizable features for these drilling rigs include:

  • Mast components such as a manual bit basket and tool lubrication system
  • Service tools like lifting bails and a bushing retention tool
  • Operator comfort enhancements, including drill assist and a cab pressure gauge
  • Technology products such as ProductLink™ Elite
  • Standard nozzle bits with six available configurations
  • 30-feet pipes with a variety of diameters and threads

Driller Advantages of Cat Rotary Drills From Thompson Tractor

Cat drilling equipment from Thompson Tractor delivers unique advantages because of our client-centered approach and advanced technology. With a Cat rotary drill, you'll get the following benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

Comprehensive Solutions

When you buy a new blasthole drill, you get so much more than equipment — you receive a personalized solution. As your partner in success, we can help you address the challenges you face by:

  • Boosting production: Cat drilling equipment has advanced technology that boosts production through more efficient machine and fleet management.
  • Controlling costs: We can help you make every dollar count by maximizing fuel efficiency and providing financing options.
  • Optimizing equipment life: With our extensive parts inventory, repair solutions, and maintenance plans, you'll get more hours out of your drill.
Autonomous Drilling That Benefits Your Entire Mining Operation

The newest Cat rotary drills feature autonomous technology that helps support your mining operation through:

  • Effective planning: Delivers a high degree of precision and accurate depth tracking for better operational planning.
  • Operator safety: Allows your operators to stay away from drilling site hazards, increasing their safety on the job.

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